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Company Profile

Shanghai Baobang Medical Equipment Co., Ltd (MACY-PAN) is a professional manufacturer specializes in Hyperbaric Oxygen Chambers(HBOT) for over 17 years. Macy-pan hyperbaric chambers are certified with ISO13485, ISO90001, and CE certification, and we also hold a PATENT REGISTRATION for our chambers. In the past years, our chambers have been exported to over 126 countries.
We present a strong quality commitment and we have gone through hard work to be able to offer this health equipment at an accessible price for the first time in the world, We are proud to be the top Chinese factory doing these chambers and be able to allow people that need HBOT in their lives.
We are happy to be the most reliable provider in the world, we can design the chamber with the customer's request. We welcome not only family buyers but also sales companies by providing you with tailored OEM products. With confident and enthusiastic service, we expect our cooperation with products of sound quality and affordable price.


            24                            Pioneers manufacturers                Complete Service from

HOURS                             with 17 years                             pre/after selling


Working Flow of MACY PAN Hyperbaric Chambers

To ensure that the hyperbaric oxygen chambers are sufficiently safe we carry out the following tests:


  • Inspect: Raw Material Inspection, the first step to ensure a qualified HBOT Chamber;


  • Test: Assembly Test, fittings for chambers, communication devices, hatches, valves, etc.

  • Aging test: 72 hours of rigorous Aging Testing;

  • Fully testing: Complete testing together with system machines;

  • Final-Inspect: Strict quality inspection standards to ensure everything is included;


  • Packing: Packing standard Inspection to ensure safe transport to you.

Why Choose MACY-PAN Hyperbaric Chamber

Advanced Technology!

Pioneering manufacturer with 17 years of experience.

-Complies with ISO 13485 / ISO 9001 / CE / SGS standards, utilizing medical-grade materials.

-Incorporates cutting-edge technology to deliver the most effective HBOT therapy.

  • Features dual over-pressure safety mechanisms – manual and automatic;

  • In-Out Communication System, Power Failure Alarm, and Door Sensor System;

  • Anion Purification and Sterilizer system; Extracts pure oxygen from the surrounding air, doubling the output compared to competitors;

-Operates at low running costs and minimal maintenance.

Customized Consultation Service and Solutions

-Designed for patient convenience in self-treatment, fostering the forefront trend in hyperbaric technology. 

-Upgrades based on client needs, providing innovative therapy in a luxurious environment;

-Offers the widest range of Hyperbaric chambers, including soft seating/lying, hard seating/lying, single/multi-person, wheelchair-accessible chambers, ranging from 1.0-2.0ATA affordable hyperbaric chamber.

Strict Quality and Safety Control!

8 safety devices ensure safer HBOT!

-Adheres to the highest efficiency and safety standards, meeting the strictest regulations and norms for quality;

-Features 8 safety devices: Failure Safety System, Door Close Sensor Lock, Emergency Relief Valve, Dual Automatic Pressure Relief Valves, Manual Pressure Relief Valve, Internal/External Operation Control, In-Out Communication System, and Carbon Dioxide Removal…

-Undergoes 6-stage inspections at the manufacturing, assembly, and shipping levels to ensure customer safety and satisfaction.

R&D Team

Trusted by more physicians, professional athletes, and families entrust their recovery to MACYPAN chambers, designed to maintain long-lasting functionality.

-Passed non-toxic safety tests conducted by TUV/SGS authority. Upholds the highest efficiency and safety standards, fulfilling the strictest regulations and norms regarding quality, undergoing multi-stage inspections at the manufacturing, assembly, and shipping levels.

One-stop Service!

Comprehensive pre-sales and after-sales service.


Guide you in selecting HBOT based on various technologies and usage cases;


-Offers global online after-sales support and local technical support in the USA;

-Provides online user training for all home customers, including user manuals and videos;

-Offers market analysis, advertising, sales experience, and OEM & ODM services for business customers;

-A dedicated MACY-PAN representative will personally handle all inquiries/questions you have regarding your chamber.

Export experience in more than 123 countries with over 10,000 clients.

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