2.0ata Hard Type Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber

Features of HP2022-2.0ATA Hard Type HBOT

  1. Slide-type entry door with wide and convenient transparent viewing window.

  2. Easy operation: One person can operate it without assistance.

  3. Interphone system for two-way communication.

  4. Automatic air pressure control system.

  5. Automatic digital display technology to show data like pressure, purity, humidity and temperature.

  6. Delivers oxygen under pressure via an oxygen headset/facial mask

    - Size one: 88inch(Length)*30inch(Diameters), suitable space for patients to have a comfortable using experience.

    -Size two: 88inch(Length)*33inch(Diameters), with large size, big enough for patients to lie inside and enjoy the therapy.

    - A complete unit includes TWO parts only, Chamber Cabin+All-In-One Machine(oxygen concentrator+air compressor+air cooler)

    - Digital Display Screen to display data automatically like Temp, Pressure, Oxygen Purity, Humidity etc.

    - A large transparent door allows more view to feel more peaceful, with no panic.

    - Eye Protection Type LED Light

    - The chamber outside the Phone Communication System allows patients inside can talk outside.

    - Chamber Inside ONE-BUTTON Communicating System allows patients can call outside for service or emergency situations.

    - Internal Pressure Gauge, so patients inside can see pressure increasing and reducing when doing oxygen therapy, safer to use, and feel no panic.- Timer design, people can set a treatment session at any ideal time they want from 0-120 minutes.

    - Special Air Pump Power Design for Door so people can close and open the door even with one finger

    -Wheels on the whole unit so people can move it easily to the place they want to locate.

Details of HP2202 hard-lying Chamber

MACY-PAN supplies a complete system of the hyperbaric chambers, including a hyperbaric capsule, an all-in-one machine(contains an oxygen concentrator, air compressor, and optional air cooler), no need to buy anything else.



Specification of HP2202 hard-lying Chamber



Chamber Cabin


2.0ATA (14.5psi)


Stainless steel+Polycarbonate


75*220cm (30*82 inch)



System Machine


77*46*72 cm (30*18*28 inch)

Flow of Air


Flow of oxygen

1-10L/Min adjustable

Air Filter





All-in-one machine, a combine of air compressor, oxygen concentrator, and cooler


Wooden Boxes

Delivery Method

Door to door service is available, delivery by DHL/FedEx/SEA, very fast and convenient

Delivery Time


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