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Your Health, Our Priority
Your Health, Our Priority
Healthier through each breath in MACY-PAN
Best Selling MACY-PAN Hyperbaric Oxygen Chambers (HBOT)

MACY-PAN, an experienced hyperbaric oxygen chamber manufacturer
--Providing professional advice and different models to meet your wide needs

1.5ATA Portable Hyperbaric Chamber

Portable chamber with affordable price, easy to move

1.3-1.5ATA(4-7PSI) operating pressure, with 10L/min oxygen flow

Two-way YKK zipper, easy and safe for one person to operate

Large transparent viewing windows for peaceful environment

Door to door service, Lifetime service

M size ST801-1.3/1.5ata HBOT
2.0ATA Hard Hyperbaric Chamber

2.0ATA (14.5PSI) working pressure, 10L oxygen flow

Buy 2.0ATA chamber and get an extra oxygen concentrator FOR FREE

Available in 75cm (medium) and 85cm (large) diameters

Slide type entry door with large transparent viewing windows

Digital Display Screen to show each data, interphone system for two way communications

S size HP2202-75-2ata HBOT
Large Sitting Hyperbaric Chamber ST2200

1.3-1.4ATA(4-6PSI) operating pressure

Unique design to add a adjustable folding chair for ultimate comfort.

Extended site sitting chamber one can both lay down and sit down.

Easy Operation - One people can operate it without assistance.

L size ST2200-1.3/1.4ata HBOT
Large space hyperbaric chamber MC4000

Wheelchair chamber, to support your direct access with your wheelchair

"U"/"N" type door, diversified options

Newly launched portable luxury multi-person sitting type

Control system combines of air compressor, oxygen concentrator, cooling system

Simple operation, no professional training required

Double Sitting MC4000-1.3/1.4ata HBOT
Hyperbaric Chamber Treatment

MACY-PAN hyperbaric chamber supplier is professional in
Clinic/fitness center/Spa/Homecare necessaries

Sport & Recovery
HBOT in Sports recovery

Gym, Sports Club, Fitness Centerm, Sports Club, Fitness Center

--Eliminate sport fatigue,Boosts energy levels

--Alleviate sport injury caused by free radical, both inflammation and pain.

--Increase blood oxygen content, decrease blood carbon dioxide concentration, increase PH value, increase tissue oxygen reserve, eliminate lactic acid

--Promote fibroblast/collagen activity to accelerate and enhance healing from surgeries and wounds

Beauty & Anti-Aging
HBOT in Beauty and Anti-Aging

Spa Center, Oxygen Bar, Beauty Salon

--Fight two of the processes that are commonly associated with aging, 1.shortening of telomeres 2.accumulation of old damaged cells

--Accelerates Cell Repair, Promotes Collagen Proliferation, And Improves Skin Elasticity

--Promote metabolism, correct the anaerobic metabolic state caused by hypoxia in the body, strengthen cognition and resist aging memory decline.

--Provide sufficient nutrients, promote the production of subcutaneous collagen, improve skin relaxation, dark circles

Home Wellness
HBOT in Home wellness

Home, Office, Recreational Vehicle, Hotel

--Increases oxygen concentration in the tissues of your body, improve the body's immune system.

--Extend the hour of deep sleep, improve sleep cycle, and improve sleep quality.

--Supplemental enough oxygen to improve work efficiency and mental state, and relieve stress and anxiety.

--Increases oxygen levels to heal damaged tissue, reduces inflammation, improves blood flow, and relieves physical fatigue.

HBOT in Rehabilitation

Hospital, Clinic, Physiotherapy center, Sanatorium

-- Promote the growth of new tissue, repair or rebuild damaged blood vessels, and help wounds heal faster.

--During the HBOT process, users can breathe high concentrations of oxygen in a hyperbaric environment, which can help stop the spread of cancer cells.

--More effective in providing quality of life changes in patients with cerebral palsy, gross motor function, fine motor function, cognitive processing and spasticity can be improved.

--Hyperbaric oxygen therapy for stroke patients may help recover movement, improve memory, and address other secondary effects of stroke.

About MACY-PAN MACY-PAN hyperbaric chamber manufacturer is committed to delivering the safest, trusted and affordable hyperbaric chambers world-wide.
  • Global leading portable hyperbaric chamber manufacturer.

  • The pioneer of the HBOT industry with shipped over 76 countries and regions.

  • Success in the production of serial hyperbaric chambers from soft and hard lying type, soft sitting type, to veterinary hard type chambers, continues to remain at the forefront of superior performance, quality and cutting-edge design concepts that meet and/or exceed safety standards.

  • Hundreds of thousands of patients worldwide have already benefited from  MACY-PAN Hyperbaric Oxygen Chambers, the favourite choice of many doctors, sportsmen, beauty lovers and families.

Various Needs

For a wide range of needs, with variations in size, capability, features and price.

Up-to-date Technology

Use the latest technology and faster Healing Process and effect.

Direct Manufacturer

Global leading manufacturer of hyperbaric chambers.

After 14-year

Providing superior hyperbaric chambers in 14 years.

Jovana Prekovic , Serbia
Customers Feedback

What Customers Say

jiantou1 jiantou2

Jovana Prekovic, who just won a 61kg Karate gold medal in Tokyo Olympics!

Use MACY-PAN Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber for recovery after daily training, we hope she will win more medals in the future. 

Jovana Prekovic , Serbia

Nemanja Majdov, World Judo Champion, Serbia
Customers Feedback

What Customers Say

jiantou1 jiantou2

A huge thanks for this amazing gift which will help us to improve our skills and speedy recovery from hard training. Thanks to my club,my friend and my new sponsor the Chinese company Macy-pan that produces the best 02 chambers!

Nemanja Majdov, World Judo Champion, Serbia

Model from New Zealand
Customers Feedback

What Customers Say

jiantou1 jiantou2

Macy-pan is the best of the best. Their customer service is super fast and unrivaled. Just a fabulous experience dealing with Macy-pan. I can't wait to recommend to my friend to buy another hbot chamber.

Model from New Zealand

Vito Dragic, Judoist ,Slovenski
Customers Feedback

What Customers Say

jiantou1 jiantou2

As a professional athlete, I've got this chamber to help me with my regeneration and recovery. I've been using it every day (7 days now ) for 90 mins and the results are amazing. I've boosted every from power, speed and endurance for 10%, simply amazing! Thank you for everything Macy-Pan!

Vito Dragic, Judoist ,Slovenski

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