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Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber for Clinical Use

Your body's tissues need an adequate supply of oxygen to function. When tissue is injured, it requires even more oxygen to survive. Hyperbaric oxygen therapy increases the amount of oxygen your blood can carry. Hyperbaric oxygen therapy for ligament damage, COPD, anxiety, autism, cancer, diabetes feet, Lyme disease, brain injury, stroke, etc is widely used in clinics and medical centers.


√ Optimization of microcirculation

√ Activation and improvement of the lymphatic system

√ Activation of drainage systems to eliminate toxins

√ Oxygenation of peripheral tissues

√ Improvement of overall blood system circulation

√ Improvement of cardiac functions

√ Osteoarticular and muscular system improvement

√ Anti-inflammatory effect on subcutaneous fat

√ Speeds up the recovery process for post-op patients

√ Well-established treatment for decompression sickness

❶ Hyperbaric chamber with Stroke Recovery

In the event of a stroke, oxygen is the primary substance the brain is deprived of. When not enough oxygen gets to the brain, the intracranial tissues begin to die, leading to permanent damage and loss of function.

In the ever-progressing field of medicine, neurologists now accept that the oxygen-starved brain tissues do not die immediately; instead, they sustain trauma, and it is possible for this trauma to be reversed.

When given the right dose of oxygen, damaged brain tissue can function up to eight hours after death.

In the ever-progressing field of medicine, neurologists now accept that the oxygen-starved brain tissues do not die immediately; instead, they sustain trauma, and it is possible for this trauma to be reversed.

Hyperbaric oxygen chamber has a good recovery effect on stroke patients and can effectively improve the symptoms of hypoxia in patients' brain tissue. After entering the hyperbaric chamber, oxygen enters the blood more easily through pressurisation, increasing the partial pressure of oxygen in the blood, increasing the oxygen content in the blood, improving the radius of oxygen diffusion, reducing intracranial pressure, reducing blood viscosity, improving microcirculation, and improving brain function.


According to one study, in the late 1990s, three Dutch neuroscientists brought the brain cells of thirty deceased persons back to life by the administration of oxygen to the cells in the brain.

If you or a loved one have recently sustained tissue damage due to a stroke or lack of adequate blood flow to the brain, consider pursuing HBOT as a treatment option to revitalize traumatized tissue and boost the production of new cells.

❷ Hyperbaric chamber with Autism

Research has proven that autism is partly caused by a continuous period of ischemia and insufficient oxygen supply to the brain from infancy, which leads to developmental disorders in the relevant areas of the brain (especially blood vessels, etc.), and that autism is caused by a lack of oxygen supply to the brain.

How to increase the oxygen supply. Theoretically, there are two ways to do this, one is to increase the blood oxygen concentration. The other is to regenerate or dilate blood vessels to increase (or restore) the blood supply to the cerebral circulation. This has led to the development of two parallel clinical treatments (two branches of the hyperoxia theory): one is a hyperbaric chamber and the other is vasodilatation. The latter is actually not easy, while the former is obviously more practical compared to.

● Hyperbaric oxygen can rapidly improve the hypoxia of the body and promote the growth and development of brain tissue. Children at the age of 7-8 years before brain development are not yet perfect, hyperbaric oxygen can promote the development of nerve cells and repair of damaged tissues, thus promoting the recovery of brain function.

Hyperbaric oxygen chamber for sale can inhibit the growth and reproduction of anaerobic bacteria. Bacteria in the intestinal tract are partly anaerobic, and some of the intestinal flora of children with autism are dysfunctional, dysfunctional, and constipated.

● The children with autism have dysfunctional intestinal flora, functional disorders, constipation, etc. Long-term constipation is not conducive to the excretion of toxins but increases the absorption of toxins.

● Hyperbaric oxygen can promote intestinal peristalsis and have certain therapeutic effects on intestinal flora disorders.

● Hyperbaric oxygen can promote the body's metabolism, and enhance immunity. If autism is related to excessive heavy metals in the body, compared with normal children, the drinking.


Food structure should not have much difference, its intake should be the same, the problem is in the metabolism of heavy metals obstacles, the metabolism of substances needs enzymes Substance metabolism requires the joint participation of enzymes and oxygen, and the formation of enzymes also depends on the existence of oxygen, so high-pressure oxygen can accelerate the metabolism of substances and promote the excretion of heavy metals.

❸ Hyperbaric Chamber with Diabetes

Diabetes arises because of high blood glucose, high blood glucose is suitable for insulin cells related, the two are mutual regulation of the role of the pancreatic islet cell dysfunction caused by a decline in insulin secretion, resulting in the blood glucose not be effectively utilized to transmit or consume to the body, resulting in high blood glucose, HBOT can strengthen the metabolism, so that you can achieve a stronger substance metabolism function, thus reducing the blood glucose to some extent. HBOT can strengthen the metabolism, which can achieve a stronger substance metabolism function, thus lowering blood sugar to a certain extent. Also to a certain extent to achieve the preventive effect.

● Diabetic foot is one of the most serious chronic complications in diabetic patients, mainly caused by high blood sugar leading to high blood viscosity, peripheral neuropathy, and vasculopathy, resulting in reduced blood flow to the lower extremities, so that the foot hypoxia and nutrient supply is seriously insufficient.

● A prolonged hypoxic environment, will cause bacterial toxin reproduction, and light will make the foot foot ulcers, hyperbaric oxygen therapy can increase the partial pressure of oxygen so that oxygen can be transported to the distal part of the limb hypoxic tissues, to increase the function of the ulcerated part of the oxygen supply, to promote blood circulation, to increase the concentration of oxygen, so as to promote the healing of wounds, to improve the viscosity of the whole blood as well as the sugar arteries of the lower limbs of the speed of blood flow.

● Long-term anoxic environment, will cause bacterial toxins to continue to multiply, heavy foot necrosis, once the necrosis is produced, usually take the method of amputation, hyperbaric oxygen assisted by the growth and multiplication of anaerobic bacteria can be inhibited, maximize the control of necrosis, amputation of the scope of the limb.


❹ Hyperbaric Chamber with Cancer

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy can enhance the sensitivity of cancer cells to radiotherapy and chemotherapy, thus strengthening the therapeutic effect, and at the same time alleviating the side effects of radiotherapy and chemotherapy and promoting the recovery of tissue cell function.

Specifically, it is like this:

● Cancer cells are afraid of oxygen: Cancer cells are anaerobic cells, which are mainly formed in low-oxygen environments. An aerobic environment will reduce the activity of cancer cells, so as to intervene in the regeneration and metastasis of cancer cells. aerobic exercise + oxygen chamber

● Hyperbaric oxygen can assist radiotherapy and chemotherapy applied to malignant tumors. When malignant tumor tissues are in a state of hypoxia, their sensitivity to radiotherapy and chemotherapy decreases, and their malignant behavior increases. Chemotherapy and radiotherapy kill the oxygen and free radicals in cancer cells, and hyperbaric oxygen can increase the oxygen and free radicals in cancer tissues.

For example, radiotherapy X-rays require 3 times the intensity if the cancer cells are in lack of oxygen, and only 1 time the intensity is needed to kill the cancer cells in an oxygen-rich condition.

● Hyperbaric oxygen therapy can reduce the side effects of radiotherapy and chemotherapy. Hyperbaric oxygen can effectively improve the oxygen supply of the body, promote the metabolism of the body, improve the overall function of the body, and help to create a better environment that can be adapted to radiotherapy and chemotherapy.


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