2.0ATA Hard Hyperbaric Chamber

2.0ATA Hard Hyperbaric Chamber
2.0ATA Hard Hyperbaric Chamber

2.0ATA Hard Hyperbaric Chamber

S size HP2202-75-2ata HBOT

PortableLarge viewing windowsAttractive and durableAffortale price, factory outlet


Features of 1.8ATA  hyper bariatric chamber

  • The pressure of the hyperbaric oxygen chamber can reach 1.8 ATA, suitable for professional places such as hospitals.

  • Internal communication system, the patient inside can ask for help or service via the internal phone.

  • The top of the stretcher can be adjusted for height, more comfortable for the patient.

  • Air conditioner equipped, able to effectively cool down on hot days, more comfortable hyperbaric oxygen therapy experience.

  • Equipped with interior lighting, come with many viewing windows, and has a good view of the interior.

  • 1.8ATA hobt chamber is easy installation and operation.

How to choose a suitable hyperbaric chamber?

How much does oxygen therapy cost

The cost of hbot home chamber and hyperbaric oxygen treatment and buy a hyperbaric chamber incur differently, so it is necessary to choose the most cost-effective solution according to the location, needs, and users. Hyperbaric chamber therapy cost is generally high,biy we can offer youa competitive price, and you can contact us to find out the specific cost.

Chamber size: length, diameter, perimeter

When you compare the information about the hyperbaric chamber, be sure to pay attention to the size of the hyperbaric chamber. You need to know the length, diameter and perimeter of the room. Only when you check the size of the cavity carefully can you choose the size that suits your needs, such a lying type or portable oxygen chamber. For heavier people, choose a room with a larger diameter, and vice versa.  

Whether to install an oxygen concentrator

Another important feature of soft-shell and hard-shell hyperbaric tanks is the oxygen concentrator. If an oxygen concentrator is installed, the absorption level will be significantly improved. The improvement of the level of oxygen inhalation auxiliaries in medical treatment. Therefore, it is wise to use oxygen concentrators to achieve more effective results. 

Hard shell high-pressure chamber design 

Vertical or horizontal. If you want to choose a hard shell hyperbaric chamber(/products/hard-type-hyperbaric-chamber/), you need extra help. However, when it comes to the design of the room, it all depends on your personal preference. You can choose a prone design or an upright cavity design. Some people have mild to severe claustrophobia and cannot lie in a closed hyperbaric chamber. With an upright chamber, the patient can move the chair in.

FAQ of 1.8/2.0 ATA Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber

  • Which places are suitable to use 1.8ATA hyperbaric oxygen chamber?