Unique Design Vertical/Hard Lying Hyperbaric Chamber HP1501-75 (SIZE: 75*220cm)

Feature and Function of HP1501-75 hard lying Chamber

1. Slide type entry door with wide and convenient transparent viewing window.

2. Easy operation: One people can operate it without assistance.

3. Interphone system for two-way communication.

4. Automatic air pressure control system.

6. Automatic digital display technology to show data like pressure, purity, humidity and temperature.

7.Delivers 93% oxygen under pressure via an oxygen headset/facial mask.Easy installation and operation.

- Pressure: 1.5/1.6ATA, safe and suitable pressure, not high to harm our body, not low less effective. 

- Size: 88inch(Length)*30inch(Diameters), big enough space for patients to have a comfortable using experience. 

- A complete unit includes TWO parts only, Chamber Cabin+All-In-One Machine(oxygen concentrator+air compressor+air cooler), design idea for more easy operation by clients. 

- Digital Display Screen to display data automatically like Temp, Pressure, Oxygen Purity, Humidity etc. 

- A large transparent door allows more view to feel more peaceful, no panic. 

- Eye Protection Type LED Light to protect elders as possible as we can. 

- Chamber outside Phone Communication System allows patients inside can talk with outside. 

- Chamber Inside ONE-BUTTON Communicating System allows patients can call outside for service or emergency situation. 

- Internal Pressure Gauge, so patient inside can see pressure increasing and reducing when doing oxygen therapy, more safe to use, and feel no panic.- Timer design, people can set a treatment session at any ideal time they want from 0-120 minutes. 

- Special Air Pump Power Design for Door so people can close and open the door even with one finger, which we are proud of it. 

-Wheels on whole unit so people can move it easily to place they want to locate.

Details of HP1501-75 hard lying Chamber

MACY-PAN supply a complete system of hyperbaric chamber, including hyperbaric capsule, oxygen concentrator, air compressor, and optional air cooler, no need buy anything else.


Specification of HP1501-75 Hard Lying Hyperbaric Chamber




Chamber Capsule


1.5ATA (7psi)


Stainless steel+Polycarbonate


75*220cm (30*82 inch)







System Machine


77*46*72 cm (30*18*28 inch)

Flow of Air


Flow of oxygen

1-5L/min adjustable

Air Filter





All-in-one machine, a combine of air compressor, oxygen concentrator, and cooler


Wooden Boxes

Delivery Method

Door to door service is available, delivery by DHL/FedEx/TNT/UPS, very fast and convenient

Delivery Time

5-7 days

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