Double Sitting Type Hyperbaric Chamber MC4000 U

XL SIZE:140*130*175cm / 55*51*69” /1.3-1.4 ATA

Extra large space for two people to sit inside.

√ Easy to enter.

√ Long lasting durable

√ Affordable price, factory outlet

√ Unique design, with folding chair

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Features of MC4000 U Wheelchair Hyperbaric Chamber

1. 1.3/1.4ATA(4-6 psi) mild operating pressure.

2. Fully covered with nylon cover - Unique 3 zipper seal for air leak prevention.

3. Designed to add a adjustable folding chair for ultimate comfort.

4. Emergency valve - To speed the depressurization in an emergency.

5. Delivers 93% oxygen under pressure via an oxygen headset or oxygen mask.

6. Available "u" type door and "n" type for your choice

7. Designed to accommodate 2 folding chairs with comfortable space

8. Wheelchair cabin, very convenient for patients with inconvenient legs

Video of MC4000 U Wheelchair Hyperbaric Chamber


Specification of MC4000 U Sitting Hyperbaric Chamber


MC4000 U

Chamber Capsule


1.3 ATA (4 Psi)
1.4 ATA (6 Psi)


SGS certified high quality TPU


140*130*175cm / 55*51*69”



Air Compressor


56*34*41cm / 22*13*16”


Quite &Oil Free Type. Two Super adsorption activated carton filters in air Input and Outlet to protect



Oxygen Concentrator


47*46*69cm / 18*18*27“

Flow Rate




Air Cooler


30*25*20cm / 12*10*8"



Details of MC4000 U Wheelchair Hyperbaric Chamber

MACY-PAN supply a complete system of hyperbaric chamber, including hyperbaric capsule, oxygen concentrator, air compressor, and optional air cooler, no need buy anything else.


About Delivery

Worldwide delivery with door to door service, delivery by DHL/FedEx/TNT/UPS, 5-7 days, very fast and convenient.

Why Choose MACY-PAN?

Why Choose MACY-PAN?

The largest range of Hyperbarics, including soft sitting/lying, hard sitting/lying, single-people/ multi-people, wheelchair chamber from 1.0-2.0ATA


Works under ISO 13485 / ISO 9001 / CE / SGS, Environment-Friendly Material NON-Glue, NON-Toxic.


Designed for patients to easily self-treat, it is devoted to providing quality and brilliantly safe hyperbaric chambers to physicians, professional athletes, wellness centers, and families.


Export experience in more than 123 countries with 10000+ clients


Latest technology to deliver the MOST effective therapy, with the highest efficiency and safety standards.


Cabin raw materials
Cabin raw materials

TPU material passed SGS and Rohs environmental certification, high strength non-toxic environmentally, good elasticity and abrasion resistance, tear resistance, high tensile strength.


Energy-saving and environmentally friendly high-frequency welding a molding process safe and more stable.


Yoshida Kogyo Kabushikigaisha The world's topYKK brand smooth zipper The originator of the zipper

industry, representing the industry standard Adopt Japanese precise process

Safety Device
Safety Device

Equipped with internal and external pressure gauges, automatic pressure relief valves, emergency pressure relief valves, and air relief valves to ensure the safety of the cabin.

The 4 Most Important Points of HBOT Therapy

The 4 Most Important Points of HBOT Therapy

The four most critical things about using a hyperbaric chamber are the following, which will relate to the effectiveness of your use, but of course can be adjusted by your own situation or doctor's advice.

Chamber single-use time
Chamber single-use time
Chamber single-use time
Frequency of use  of chamber
Frequency of use  of chamber
Frequency of use of chamber
Pressure of  chamber
Pressure of  chamber
Pressure of chamber
Oxygen content
Oxygen content
Oxygen content
What MACY-PAN's  Customers Say

What MACY-PAN's Customers Say

What MACY-PAN's  Customers Say

Nemanja Majdo is the Judo Champion from Serbia. At the 2018 European Judo Championships in Tel Aviv, he won his first senior European medal.He expressed his gratitude to MACY-PAN for helping him rapidly recover from hard training and will continue to use MACY-PAN soft and hard hyperbaric chamber.

Nemanja Majdo Serbia

My husband and I are so happy with our hyperbaric chamber, we are thinking about buying another one for our home in Idaho.Now that we use it almost every day, we can't imagine being without it.I was looking at your website and I was wondering how much the sitting type chambers cost?We will probably want another one like we have here in our California home, but I was just curious about the sitting type and if it offers the same benefits.

Lorna Brodie United States

Veronika Mala, the Czech Handball European Champion, regularly uses the hyperbaric chamber, which has a verttty gentle ramp-up and is very comfortable for her, both for resting and for getting rid of the aches and pains from exercise!

Veronika Mala Czech Republic

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What does the standard price for Macy Pan hyperbaric oxygen chamber include?

Price includes chamber capsule/cabin, oxygen concentrator, air Compressor, air cooler, and all system components. You DO NOT need to buy/prepare anything else.

While using this hyperbaric chamber, is it necessary to have any technician or doctor to control?

No. Our chambers are easy and safe to operate alone, with no need for other's assistance. Anyone with average studies can install and operate the chamber as long as reads the user manual and operation video. We provide customers with online training. Also, face-to-face talk is available.

What should I do to prepare for a treatment?

People can go into the chamber fully clothed. It is recommended to wear loose comfortable. Shoes, jewellery, or any sharp objects should be removed before getting into the chamber. It is recommended that women not wear stockings in the chamber, because it may cause feelings of claustrophobia.

How do you feel inside a hyperbaric oxygen chamber?

While the chamber is pressurizing, your ears will feel the change in pressure inside the chamber. Otherwise, it should be unnoticeable. To equalize the pressure and avoid the feeling of fullness in your ears, you will need to clear your ears by chewing(gum of food), swallowing, yawning. During the pressurization of the chamber, your mouth may become dry. Once the chamber is fully pressurized, your salivation will return to normal. Other than this ear pressure there are no unusual or different sensations. After using the oxygen chamber, one of the most intuitive feelings is refreshing, and you will feel full of vitality.

What improvements can I expect?

For students, oxygen supplementation has a good effect on eliminating fatigue, relieving examination pressure, and protecting the brain. For plateau hypoxic areas, the hypoxic state of the body can be corrected immediately, and the body's adaptability to the plateau can be enhanced. For middle-aged and elderly people, it can make up for the lack of oxygen supply caused by the decline of physiological function and improve self-healing ability. For athletes, it can relieve muscle fatigue, restore physical strength, and reduce sports injuries. For women, supplementing oxygen can enhance the metabolism of skin cells, reduce melanin, and beautify the skin. For office workers, it can enhance the blood oxygen diffusion capacity, thereby improving the body's hypoxia state. Fatigue decreased workability, fatigue, insomnia, loss of appetite, etc. can be relieved.

How long for the session or treatment?

Usually for personal use, 60-90 min one time, one time one day, 5 days one week. What you will be able to notice is whether you are continuing to make improvements. A clinical study on 1730 subjects shows the need for around 15 sessions for acute injuries and 40 for chronic ones. If you saw results during the first 40 sessions, do another 40. If improvements continue, do another 40. Etc. You are a better judge of the number of sessions needed than any Doctor.

Are there any contraindications for Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy?

People who catch a cold or flu symptoms, people who have rhinitis or otitis media, and people who are pregnant should follow the doctor's advice to use the oxygen chamber.

Are there any side effects?

The most common side effect is discomfort in the ears caused by pressure changes. To minimize the risk, patients learn to promote the adequate clearing of their ears during pressurization. Some patients may feel tired and dizzy after using a hyperbaric chamber for the first time. It's a good signal as Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy will speed up the metabolism of our body. Just like people feel tired after a long running. They are usually good signs of indicating detoxification.

What about Oxygen Toxicity?

Oxygen Toxicity is not a problem at pressures below 1.5 ATA. Many times stress is mistaken for oxygen toxicity. Occasionally, there may be a patient who is more sensitive to Oxygen than others and pressures may need to be adjusted to meet the needs of the patient.

What is the general time warranty expected for Macy Pan oxygen chambers?

One year warranty and lifetime maintenance. If any quality problem/fault in material/design under correct operation within one year, if easy to fix, we will send new components Freely and guide you on how to repair them. If hard or complicated to fix, we will send a new chamber or machine to you directly and Freely. In this way, we won't need you to send back the machines, just video and pictures will be ok for our analysis. (shipping cost not covered.)

Who is not recommended to use the oxygen chamber?

Pregnant women, people with infectious diseases and severe illnesses. Drunk. People with severe colds. Patients with pacemakers. Rhinitis, otitis media patients. People with high blood pressure exceeding 160/110 mmHg. Patients with severe emphysema.

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Need a selection advice for hbot?

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