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What Are the Effects of Civilian High-Pressure Oxygen Chambers?

After over forty years of reform and opening up, there has been significant socio-economic development, leading to a substantial improvement in people's living standards. With the advent of an era of longevity, people's awareness of health has continuously risen. The era of comprehensive health has arrived, and industries related to health are experiencing rapid development.

In recent years, a product called a civilian hyperbaric oxygen chamber has gradually entered the public's view. So, what are the functions of civilian hyperbaric oxygen chambers?

A civilian hyperbaric oxygen chamber is a type of hyperbaric oxygen chamber, and the primary function of hyperbaric oxygen chambers is to improve the body's oxygen-deficient state.

Oxygen deficiency is a common condition in the human body at present. With age, factors such as smoking, excessive alcohol consumption, unhealthy lifestyle habits, irregular sleep patterns, excessive mental stress, and other external influences gradually reduce the body's ability to intake oxygen. This diminished capacity to supply oxygen to tissues and organs leads the body into a state of oxygen deficiency.

Research has shown that oxygen deficiency is a significant factor contributing to various diseases such as cancer, heart disease, and coronary artery disease.

In a hyperbaric oxygen chamber, the air pressure is higher than normal atmospheric pressure, and the oxygen concentration is also elevated. Within the hyperbaric oxygen chamber, the increased pressure leads to the intake of a significant amount of oxygen into the bloodstream. The amount of oxygen dissolved in the blood plasma, throughout the cells, and in bodily fluids becomes several times higher than usual. Even in situations where blood flow is compromised, the additional dissolved oxygen can meet the requirements for vital life activities, enhancing the body's utilization efficiency of oxygen and markedly improving oxygen deficiency conditions.

Due to the lower micro-pressure of oxygen used in civilian hyperbaric oxygen chambers compared to medical oxygen chambers, they offer better tolerance, increased safety, and broader applicability. This makes them more suitable for long-term use. Not only can they directly improve the body's oxygen deficiency, but they can also generate a series of health benefits as a result.


Firstly, in terms of antibacterial and anti-inflammatory effects, civilian hyperbaric oxygen chambers for sale have a certain efficacy and can be used post-exercise, post-surgery, and postpartum to enhance recovery efficiency. The oxygen-rich environment itself can inhibit anaerobic microorganisms. Oxygen, involved in the cellular respiration process in the human body, produces reactive oxygen species and reactive nitrogen species. These compounds can directly damage proteins, lipids, and other large molecules in pathogenic microorganisms, stimulate the immune activity of immune cells, and enhance antibacterial vitality.

Simultaneously, the active substances can also act as signaling molecules to activate various signaling pathways, including antioxidant, inflammation regulation, and growth factor synthesis. This inhibition of inflammation and promotion of tissue repair are crucial aspects of the healing process.

Furthermore, civilian hyperbaric oxygen chambers contribute to beauty and skincare. After inhaling high-pressure oxygen, oxygen-enriched blood is distributed throughout the body, improving the metabolic status of cells throughout the body. This leads to regulated metabolism, accelerated removal of metabolites, and enhanced cell regeneration, effectively improving skin elasticity and radiance. Long-term usage can also enhance antioxidant capacity, delaying the aging process.

The applicable venues for oxygen chambers


Hyperbaric oxygen therapy has over 100 indications for adjuvant treatment, including specific assistance in conditions such as carbon monoxide poisoning, alcohol intoxication, decompression sickness, high-altitude sickness, and more. It is routinely used as an adjuvant treatment for conditions like diabetic foot, heart attack, stroke, cerebral edema, and others.

While hyperbaric oxygen therapy does not claim to cure all diseases, it operates on the principle of 'one oxygen, multiple diseases,' meaning it serves as adjuvant therapy for various conditions. In contrast to drug treatments where different medications have similar therapeutic effects, a hyperbaric oxygen chamber often hosts patients with two or three dozen different conditions undergoing oxygen therapy simultaneously.

Moreover, the health and wellness benefits of hyperbaric oxygen therapy have been increasingly supported by scientific research, showing improvements in conditions such as fatigue, insomnia, headaches, and dizziness associated with suboptimal health.

Portable micro-hyperbaric chambers operate on the same oxygen therapy principles as medical hyperbaric chambers, providing moderate doses of oxygen. Additionally, they are rich in negative ions and bioelectricity, effectively assisting patients or individuals experiencing suboptimal health to access high-pressure oxygen therapy and engage in health-promoting treatments anywhere.

Its main benefits are as follows:

Alleviates Fatigue, Enhances Intelligence, and Improves Work Efficiency

The brain consumes 20%-30% of the body's total oxygen, and it is particularly sensitive to oxygen deprivation. Oxygen inhalation has a positive effect on alleviating brain fatigue, revitalizing the mind, and improving memory. For instance, undergoing hyperbaric oxygen therapy during exam preparation can relieve stress and significantly enhance memory, providing students with improved cognitive performance.

Enhances the Body's Resistance and Disease Prevention

Oxygen intake increases the metabolic activity of human cells, tissues, and organs, inducing a regenerative vitality that restores the production capabilities of cells throughout various organs. This process enhances the body's immune system. According to studies by German medical experts, oxygen inhalation has an unequivocal therapeutic effect in preventing and treating tumors.

Aids in Weight Loss, Beautification, and Anti-Aging

Oxygen intake enhances cellular oxidative metabolism, lowers blood sugar, burns fat, and improves skin nutrition. This process increases skin elasticity, reduces wrinkles, and diminishes pigmentation. It also contributes to improving hair texture, promoting hair growth, and preventing hair loss.

Health Preservation and Anti-Aging

Oxygen intake can enhance the biological activity of superoxide dismutase (SOD), suppressing the damage caused by harmful free radicals to cells. As a result, it plays a preventive and therapeutic role in various age-related diseases such as senile dementia.


Strengthens the Body, Improves Reproductive Functions in Men and Women

Oxygen health maintenance is an effective method for enhancing overall health. Oxygen intake improves vision and alleviates presbyopia. It alleviates fatigue, restores vitality, enhances and improves male sexual function, maintaining vigorous energy and improving the quality of life. Accelerated metabolism within the oxygen chamber leads to a 0.3-0.5-degree increase in body temperature, providing a sensation akin to that of an infant. This can potentially increase female fertility rates.

Effective Hangover Relief

Oxygen therapy serves as a specific remedy for relieving hangovers. It effectively mitigates the effects of alcohol, ensuring ample oxygen absorption in the heart, lungs, liver, and kidneys. Simultaneously, subcutaneous tissue cells rapidly absorb oxygen, accelerating the breakdown of alcohol and facilitating the swift elimination of the intoxicated state.


Regulates Endocrine System, Improves Sleep

Elevating oxygen tension in tissues can regulate various systems throughout the body, promoting overall balance. This includes the regulation of the endocrine system, effectively modulating the concentration of neurotransmitters in the brain that govern sleep. This bidirectional adjustment helps restore dynamic equilibrium, alleviating conditions such as mental tension, insomnia, vivid dreams, and neuroasthenia.

Shenzhou Aerospace Capsule


  • Oxygen concentration inside the capsule, with oxygen inhalation earphones, ranges from 85% to 90%.

  • The capsule maintains an internal atmospheric pressure of approximately 1.1 to 1.3 ATA.

  • Enhancing cellular vitality, adjusting immune function, and boosting self-healing capabilities to achieve the efficacy of strengthening the body, promoting health, and preventing diseases.

Special Note

Dear friends, the Shenzhou Aerospace Capsule (Ancient Atmosphere Capsule) is not a medical treatment facility, nor is it an emergency clinic. It is a purely physical therapy that aims to assist in rehabilitation by repairing cellular biofactories with abundant oxygen, thereby enhancing the body's immune response. As oxygen deficiency is considered the root cause of many illnesses, our goal is to break the vicious cycle of localized oxygen deficiency at its source. This, in turn, achieves the supportive effects of micro-hyperbaric oxygen therapy on various health conditions.

Sleeping in the Aerospace Capsule for 1 hour


Walking 10 kilometers daily


Practicing Tai Chi for 3 hours every day

If you belong to any of the following situations, please pay attention and contact us promptly.

Patients with various illnesses

Individuals with conditions such as hypertension, hyperlipidemia, insomnia, gout, heart disease, cerebrovascular diseases, high-altitude sickness, respiratory disorders, or oxygen deficiency due to inadequate blood supply.

Insomnia sufferers

Those experiencing difficulty falling asleep, low sleep quality, or insufficient sleep duration.

Individuals with alcohol intoxication

Those who have consumed excessive alcohol leading to alcohol poisoning, causing harm to the nervous system and liver.


Those with sensitive skin, eczema, dull complexion, and weakened resistance, especially beauty-conscious individuals aiming to improve internal circulation.

Individuals with obesity

Those with excess body weight and significant fat accumulation.

Young individuals

Those facing high levels of academic or work-related stress, engaging in prolonged mental or physical exertion, resulting in significant depletion of physical functions.

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