S Size ST701 Lying Hyperbaric Chamber (Size: 225*70*70cm)

Features of ST701 Lying Hyperbaric Chamber

  1. 1.3ATA(7 psi) mild operating pressure.

  2. 2 zipper seals for easier entrance.

  3. 7 large transparent viewing windows to prevent claustrophobia

  4. The most popular model for home treatment, big enough for one person lying inside.

  5. Cotton chamber protection cover, to avoid dirty and easy to wash. 

  6. Easy operating by one person without an assistant.

  7. Internal metal frame - hold the shape when deflated.

Details of ST701 Sitting Chamber

MACY-PAN hyperbaric oxygen chamber manufacturer supplies a complete system of hyperbaric, including a hyperbaric capsule, oxygen concentrator, air compressor, and optional air cooler, no need to buy anything else.

Air coolerAir compressorOxygen concentrator

Specification of ST701 Lying Hyperbaric Chamber

Chamber CapsulePressure1.3ATA (7psi)
Size(Diameter*Length)225x70x70 cm (89x28x28 inch)
Air CompressorSize39x24x26 cm (16x10x11 inch)
TypeQuite &Oil Free Type. Two Super adsorptions activated carton filters in air Input and Outlet to protect

Size35x32x57 cm (14x13x23 inch)
Oxygen ConcentratorFlow Rate5 Liter/min

DescriptionPSA Molecular Sieve High Technology. Continuous Oxygen production, no need for an oxygen tank
Air Cooler (Optional)Size23x12x30cm (9x5x12 inch)
PackagePacked in 4 Carton Boxes
Delivery MethodDoor to door service is available, delivery by DHL/FedEx/TNT/UPS, very fast and convenient
Delivery Time5-7 days

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