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Application of Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber in Daily Health Convalescence

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy has been developed for hundreds of years. And this kind of oxygen therapy mostly relies on hyperbaric oxygen chamber to carry out. Hyperbaric oxygen chambers are mostly used in the medical field. It has a trend of civilian use, and some civil oxygen chambers have begun to launch to the market.

1. What is the operating principle of the hyperbaric oxygen chamber?

Scientific research shows that hypoxia is an important source of many diseases, which are widespread. In the case of normal oxygen inhalation, the oxygen content in our blood is the criterion for judging whether we are oxygen deficient. Oxygen mainly exists in two forms in our blood, namely in hemoglobin and dissolved oxygen. Due to the lack of sufficient external pressure, the dissolved oxygen content in the blood is often less, resulting in less oxygen in the blood. Hyperbaric oxygen chamber manufacturers based on this principle to intervene in the process of dissolved oxygen intake. People can inhale high-concentration oxygen through the hyperbaric oxygen chamber, so that the oxygen content in the blood is significantly increased, and it is directly dissolved in the blood and supplements the oxygen content in hemoglobin. After this strong oxygen supply activity, cell activities and body tissues can be radiated with greater vitality, helping the human body maintain normal physiological functions.

2. The hyperbaric oxygen chamber used in daily health and recuperation

In addition to the medical field, portable hyperbaric oxygen chambers are also used in daily health care, such as post-exercise recovery, post-operative wound recovery, post-partum recovery, relief of altitude sickness, and body beauty. In the daily health care of hyperbaric oxygen chambers, four well-known celebrities have played an leading role. Famous star Beckham, NBA player LeBron James, Brazilian football player Neymar and famous singer Justin Bieber took the lead in experiencing the health effects of hyperbaric oxygen chambers.

Our hyperbaric chamber for sale provides a complete hyperbaric chamber system, including hyperbaric chamber, oxygen concentrator, air compressor and optional air cooler, without the need to purchase any other accessories. The hyperbaric oxygen chamber has a large transparent observation window, which can effectively prevent claustrophobia. Our horizontal hyperbaric oxygen chamber is the most popular home treatment model, enough for a person to lie in it. It has a protective cover to avoid dirt and is easy to clean. In the hyperbaric oxygen chamber, a person can easily operate it without an assistant, and the internal metal frame keeps the shape when deflated.

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