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How to choose a hard hyperbaric chamber

In recent years as the benefits of hyperbaric chambers have been proven to appear in more and more clinics or homes, but not every HBOT chamber for sale is the same, and when choosing a chamber, you need to know how it works before then you can choose the one that's best for you.


Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber (HBOT) is a medical treatment that involves breathing high purity (93%) oxygen in the pressurized chamber. This treatment is popular because it helps in the recovery of various diseases and is largely free of after-effects. The air pressure inside the chamber is about twice the normal air pressure (adjustable). Under these conditions, the body dissolves more oxygen into the bloodstream, and there is a relative increase in oxygen saturation, diffusion radius, oxygen storage capacity, and oxygen permeability.


Soft portable hyperbaric chamber is suitable for people with limited mobility or used for health care at home; while the hard hyperbaric chamber has a higher pressure, more professional. It is generally 1.5ATA-2.0ATA, which need to be based on the doctor's suggestions and their own conditions to determine which pressure to choose.


In addition to the pressure, there are many other things we need to pay attention to when selecting a hyperbaric chamber. For example:

First of all we should make sure that you are choosing a reliable manufacturer:

  • Whether is hyperbaric chamber manufacturer, hyperbaric oxygen chambers for sale, such manufacturers will have better warranty and service

  • Whether have more than 10 years hyperbaric chamber suppliers, which is related to the quality and safety of the product.

  • Whether have rich export experience, which is less hassle when you buy hyperbaric chambers.

  • Whether there is a professional technical team, sales team, R & D team, after-sales team and so on.


Raw Materials: Choose stainless steel rather than aluminum, in almost all cases stainless steel is outperform aluminum in a medical environment. For medical uses, such as equipment, tools, and even implants, long-lasting performance and easy-to-clean surfaces are required. In hyperbaric chamber cost,, stainless steel is more expensive and harder than aluminum, and can withstand stress better. Over time, aluminum alloys oxidize, while stainless steel is a bit more stable.



Craftsmanship: environmental protection painting process to avoid formaldehyde.


Size: Choose the right model of oxygen chamber for your size and number of users.



Operating system: choose a simple and easy-to-understand operating system, which can realize operation by one person.



Configuration: It includes chamber capsule, all in one machine and air conditioner(optional), the all in one machine by the air compressor, oxygen concentrator and air cooler components.


Customization: the chamber's color, logo, TV bracket, negative ions and other features are customized according to customers needs, Which can help to enjoy HBOT better!


Chamber position: choose a chamber with side openings rather than one with openings directly above, as access to the oxygen chamber will be more difficult.



Communication system: choose a hyperbaric chamber with a communication system, so that you can communicate with people outside and avoid emergency.



Safety system: Starting the machine only after the chamber door is closed is also a safety monitoring, and of course there are emergency pressure relief valve, air deflate valve, automatic pressure relief valves, internal and external pressure gauges are essential.



MACY PAN is proud to be able to fulfill these conditions and provide private customized oxygen chamber services to all of our patients and families. So what are you waiting for? Take a healthy step and contact MACY-PAN to buy hyperbaric Chamber right now!!

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