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Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy Can Improve Body Microcirculation

Blood vessels are the conduits through which blood circulates in the body, delivering oxygen and nutrients to cells to maintain the proper functioning of various functions. Therefore, the importance of blood vessels to our health is self-evident, and some studies even point out that it is the way to longevity.

The Science journal has published the results of a study on aging, saying that after genetically increasing the level of vascular endothelial growth factor in mice, the overall lifespan of these mice was extended by about 40%, and the male mice were extended by 48%. , 39% longer in female mice. It is worth mentioning that the extended lifespan of these mice is completely healthy, not only the functions are younger, but also the tumor prevalence is significantly reduced. This is mainly because the density of blood vessels decreases with age, and this gene regulation experiment can maintain the density of blood vessels, thereby intervening in the aging process of the body. The researchers said that this is essentially a means of preventing aging, and whether it has the characteristics of reversal needs further scientific research.

How Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy Benefits Blood Vessels

Blood vessels are the "supply chain" of various energy in the body, and it is also a major pathway for us to cope with aging and move towards longevity. Hyperbaric oxygen therapy can also promote the growth of blood vessels at the root by regulating the gene expression of blood vessels. In addition, high concentrations of oxygen can directly stimulate the production of more angiogenesis-promoting cytokines in body tissues. Simply put, hyperbaric oxygen therapy promotes angiogenesis throughout our body.

The benefits of home hyperbaric oxygen chambers

At present, the at home hyperbaric oxygen chamber is a new technology product with the concept of health care. Compared with the medical hyperbaric oxygen chamber products, the pressure and oxygen concentration of the civilian micro-oxygen chamber have also been adjusted, which are all within the body tolerance of the general population. Macy Pan, a leading China hyperbaric oxygen chamber manufacturer, has developed various hyperbaric oxygen chamber for sale, such as lying tyre and sitting type portable hyperbaric chambers, hard type and soft type hyperbaric chambers, hyperbaric chambers for veterinary, and so on. Among them, multiplace hyperbaric chambers are a typical household hyperbaric oxygen chamber product that meets the specifications, and the oxygen concentration and dispersion are set in strict accordance with national standards. In addition, the spacious space of multiple hyperbaric chambers allows you to enjoy physiotherapy with your family, the sturdy base and metal support rods ensure stability and comfort, and the interior is equipped with a folding chair for ultimate comfort, multi-purpose machine, simple operation, extra Oxygen concentrator to ensure enough oxygen inside.

Blood vessels are important "manipulators" for the stable operation of various functions of our body. The positive effect of hyperbaric oxygen therapy on blood vessels has been confirmed. Therefore, home hyperbaric oxygen chambers may be able to help us unblock this road to longevity, help us effectively fight aging, and maintain a healthy state of the body. 

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