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Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy Treatment for Neurological Disorders

An aging brain that ages prematurely has been subjected to abuse from our increasingly toxic environment and unhealthy lifestyle for years. Extensive research has shown that hyperbaric oxygen therapy treatment can stimulate the production of new blood vessels to restore vitality to the patient's brain. Increasing the oxygen in the circulation will reawaken dormant cells in the brain, producing new cells. It is well known that hyperbaric oxygen therapy treatment can activate blood vessel formation and neuronal plasticity, stimulating dormant neurons to produce new synapses and axonal connections, facilitating a multifactorial repair that helps inject new vitality into the brain's metabolism.

1. Hyperbaric oxygen therapy treatment for traumatic brain injury

Hyperbaric oxygen chamber manufacturers play a significant role in improving the quality of life of traumatic brain injury (TBI) patients, who are at risk of death and disability worldwide. Hyperbaric oxygen therapy treatment is very effective at improving brain function and quality of life in TBI patients with chronic cognitive impairments. In a brain with multiple injuries, oxygen may not be able to reach damaged areas, resulting in hypoxia. Medical investigations have shown that the beneficial results of hyperbaric oxygen therapy occur after the treatment period for TBI patients, when the brain can better utilize baseline oxygen levels instead of merely absorbing oxygen during the therapy.

2. Hyperbaric oxygen therapy treatment for neurological diseases

The primary mechanism of hyperbaric oxygen therapy treatment in neurological diseases is to relieve hypoxia and improve microcirculation. The constriction of blood vessels due to hyper-pressure can relieve brain edema, protect partially damaged tissues, prevent the progression of brain damage, and improve brain metabolism.

Relieving brain hypoxia: hypoxia is the cause of a series of pathological progressions from primary brain injury to hypoxia, worsening hypoxia, and secondary brain injury. The purpose of hyperbaric oxygen therapy treatment for brain damage is to provide sufficient oxygen to brain tissues and interrupt this process. Hyperbaric oxygen therapy treatment plays an important role in dealing with hypoxia and ischemia related to the pathophysiology of several neurological diseases. Now, the emergence of hyperbaric oxygen chamber for home enables patients to take this treatment more quickly and conveniently.

Improving oxygen delivery: hyperbaric oxygen therapy treatment aims to improve oxygen delivery to hypoxic tissues, reducing vascular-induced brain edema and increasing intracranial pressure while improving aerobic metabolism. It is an adjunctive therapy for patients with severe brain injury who have a poor response to standard treatments. Hyperbaric oxygen therapy addresses the effects of hypoxia/edema-related ischemia and interrupts the cycle of hypoxia/edema.

3. Hyperbaric oxygen therapy treatment for neuroprotective strategies

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy treatment is considered a major neuroprotective agent that is part of a series of neuroprotective strategies designed to protect the brain from chemical and drug toxicity. It is strongly recommended for the treatment of neurodegenerative diseases, including acute diseases such as CNS traumatic brain ischemia and medical hypoxia/ischemia during surgery.

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