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Introduction to animal hyperbaric oxygen chamber

With the improvement of people's living standards, keeping pets has gradually become a very popular fashion trend in today's society. With the continuous donation of pets, various pet disease problems have also appeared, so many medical devices for pets have been derived , **The subject to be shared is: Animal hyperbaric oxygen chamber;

The animal hyperbaric oxygen chamber is to place the animal in an airtight chamber. The pressure in the chamber is 1.4 atmospheres and the oxygen concentration is above 60%. It increases the blood oxygen content of the animal body and increases the cell activity, assisting ** animal diseases caused by tissue hypoxia .

The breathing rate of the animal in the hyperbaric oxygen chamber is 1.8. to 3.0 times that of normal air oxygen. The inhaled pure oxygen is dissolved in the plasma to increase the oxygen content in the tissue, which is equivalent to the function of 1/3 of the red blood cells to carry oxygen. The animal hyperbaric chamber can not only increase the partial pressure of oxygen in the tissue of the diseased area, improve the blood circulation of the affected area and relieve the phenomenon of hypoxic edema, but also promote wound healing, so that the phagocytic leukocytes can effectively perform sterilization tasks and accelerate the patient's affected area. get well.

Indications for animal hyperbaric oxygen chambers:

Indications for animal hyperbaric oxygen chambers

1. Used for healing of surgery and wounds; used for recovery from fractures, muscle strains, etc.; used for inflammation, suppuration, etc.; 2. used for feather growth; used for burns, wounds, etc.; used for post-skin transplantation recover;

2. Used for encephalopathy; used for nerve compression disease; used for sports injury, physical recovery after the game. The effect of animal hyperbaric oxygen chamber:

3. Nerve compression disease, sports injury (physical recovery after the game) 4. Muscle, tendon and ligament injury, severe or chronic disease 5. After wound, vascular disease, skin and skin flap transplantation 6. Gastric ulcer, colitis and Intestinal disease, necrotic soft tissue**

4. Osteomyelitis, chronic osteomyelitis, fracture healing, clostridia myositis 8. Lung and abdominal abscess, increase collagen deposition

5. Inflammatory diseases, pancreatitis

6. The function and characteristics of the hyperbaric oxygen chamber for sale for the deterioration of the spine surface and the spider bite animal: to ensure safety

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