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What Conditions Can Be Treated with a Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber?

1. Understanding Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy Treatment

Oxygen therapy can be used to treat various diseases. In most cases, oxygen therapy is delivered at normal atmospheric pressure, which means it involves supplying oxygen at normal pressure levels. However, a special form of oxygen therapy, hyperbaric therapy, involves placing the patient in a high-pressure oxygen environment inside a special shell called a hyperbaric oxygen chamber. The benefits of hyperbaric oxygen therapy treatment include forcing the blood to absorb 10 to 20 times the amount of oxygen normally absorbed at standard atmospheric pressure. Clinical studies involving human and animal subjects have shown that hyperbaric oxygen therapy treatment helps with inflammation and swelling, promotes the formation of new blood vessels in tissues, and aids in wound healing.

2. Conditions treated with Hyperbaric Oxygen Chambers

Hyperbaric chambers for sale is used to treat the following conditions: skin ulcers, burn conditions, anemia, ischemia, tissue infections.

Skin ulcers: In a one-month study of 35 skin ulcer patients, daily use of hyperbaric oxygen chambers for treatment was shown to improve wound healing rates in four out of five patients. In another study involving 146 diabetic foot ulcer patients, it was found that hyperbaric oxygen therapy can reduce the treatment time for each patient.

Burn conditions: Studies involving hundreds of burn patients have shown that hyperbaric oxygen therapy can reduce recovery time. According to AH, burn patients often experience much lower rates of infection during healing when hyperbaric oxygen chamber for sale are part of the treatment plan.

Anemia: Some people with anemia are unable to receive blood transfusions, and immunological reasons and lack of availability are common challenges. However, hyperbaric oxygen therapy has been found to help treat severe anemia, especially when used early.

Ischemia: The term ischemia is used to describe a class of diseases that cause tissue damage due to insufficient oxygen supply. Heart attacks are the most well-known form of ischemia – they involve heart tissue dying due to lack of oxygen. When ischemia occurs in the brain, it can cause a stroke. Hyperbaric oxygen chambers have been shown to help with two forms of ischemia. In a study called "Late Neuroplasticity in Hyperbaric Oxygen-Induced Stroke Patients," 72 stroke patients received dozens of sessions of hyperbaric oxygen therapy. The results showed that they had less damage to their brains and nerves compared to the study subjects who did not receive this type of treatment.

Tissue infections: Recurrent infections that destroy soft tissues and bones are difficult to treat with conventional methods. However, a retrospective report on dozens of patients (with different indications) treated with hyperbaric oxygen chambers at a single center found that treatment always helps patients recover faster and reduces the recurrence of infections.

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