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Are You Suitable for Using a Home Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber for Health?

Speaking of oxygen, oxygen is an essential element for the metabolism of every body. However, patients with respiratory diseases, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease and other diseases often experience symptoms of hypoxia, causing breathing difficulties. Hyperbaric oxygen therapy is also a common treatment modality. Of course, in addition to its therapeutic effect, hyperbaric oxygen therapy can also play a daily health care role.

As oxygen therapy becomes more and more known to more and more people, more and more people are now choosing to use home hyperbaric oxygen chambers for daily health care.

Hyperbaric oxygen can improve the internal environment of the human body and promote a virtuous cycle of metabolism, thereby eliminating fatigue, regulating the body's oxygen supply capacity, and promoting health.


Which groups of people are suitable for using home hyperbaric oxygen chambers for health care?

Social elites who are under great pressure

Due to high work pressure, a considerable number of working elites are prone to "office syndrome", which often manifests as easy fatigue, dizziness, vertigo, slow reaction, poor breathing, loss of appetite, poor sleep, etc. They often take oxygen regularly It can clean the respiratory tract, relieve mental stress, irritability and other sub-health states, maintain strong energy, promote sleep, relax the body and "decompress", smoothly restore its own state, and re-enter the next "battle".

Middle-aged and elderly people who wish to live longer

Scientists from Tel Aviv University (Shamir Medical Center) in Israel conducted oxygen therapy on 35 elderly people in a pressurized chamber for 90 consecutive days. After the experiment, the elderly people's telomeres were extended by more than 20% on average compared with before participating in the experiment, and they were unable to 37% of normally functioning aging cells were eliminated, reversing the human body's aging process biologically for the first time.

Iron lifters and fitness enthusiasts

Eliminate exercise fatigue, restore physical strength, reduce exercise injuries, quickly eliminate accumulated lactic acid, accelerate the removal of blood ammonia, and reduce the damage of free radicals to the body. During high exercise intensity, free radicals in the body increase. Supplementing oxygen can quickly restore the activity of Na+-K+-ATPase on the cell membrane, suggesting that it can reduce the damage of free radicals to the cell membrane, which is useful for eliminating exercise fatigue and reducing exercise injuries. Significance.

Many students preparing for the high school and college entrance examinations

The brain consumes 20%-30% of the body's oxygen. Oxygen supplementation has a good effect on eliminating brain fatigue and relieving stress. For example, when students are preparing for exams, in order to relieve the tension before the exam and protect the brain, they need to use their brains scientifically, reduce the psychological burden, and balance work and rest. They can also supplement oxygen, improve the blood's ability to carry oxygen, improve cells' use of oxygen, and regulate The body's oxygen supply capacity.

Social drinking is inevitable in life

Drunkenness can cause nausea and vomiting, and can also cause varying degrees of harm to the body. The liver can turn into fatty liver, the stomach can easily bleed, the breasts can easily develop breast cancer, the heart can induce myocarditis, and brain cells can be damaged. In severe cases, it can even be life-threatening. . The metabolism of alcohol is carried out in the liver, and the metabolic process cannot be separated from the participation of oxygen. A certain amount of oxygen is required to decompose alcohol in the body. Hyperbaric oxygen chamber for home use can increase oxygen partial pressure and oxygen content, thereby speeding up alcohol metabolism, significantly reducing organ damage and accelerating return to normal, and helping to relieve drunkenness and physical discomfort after drinking.

Women who love beauty and men who pay attention to appearance

With age and the influence of natural environmental factors, the skin will slowly lose its elasticity and luster. Supplementing oxygen to increase skin nutrition will increase the elasticity of the sagging skin and slowly restore its luster. The metabolic function of skin cells is enhanced, which can reduce melanin and beautify the skin.

Long-term smokers and passive smokers

Smoking is a global health problem and has been confirmed by many scientific studies to be closely related to the occurrence of many diseases. Although smokers are aware of the health risks of smoking, quitting smoking is extremely difficult. Smoking produces large amounts of oxygen free radicals, which are one of the main causes of oxidative stress and damage to cells. High oxygen concentration can promote the scavenging of oxygen free radicals and reduce their damage to cells. In addition, hyperbaric oxygen therapy can also activate the production of antioxidant enzymes, enhance the antioxidant capacity of cells, and further reduce the damage to the body caused by smoking.

MACY PAN, focusing on manufacturing hyperbaric oxygen chambers for 16 years


Jin 1501 Home Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber

Large transparent window

Convenient for internal and external observation

Avoid claustrophobia.

Real-time monitoring of cabin pressure inside and outside

Two automatic constant pressure devices, internal and external pressure gauges monitor internal pressure in real time.

at home hyperbaric oxygen chamber

Two-way valve

Easy and safe to operate

It contains an emergency pressure relief valve device, which can be used for emergency exit. The two-way valve can be operated both inside and outside. The cabin design is user-friendly, and the unique sliding door safety locking mechanism makes it easy to open and close the door, making it simple and safe to operate.

hyperbaric oxygen chamber for home

Different lengths and color options

Satisfy your needs

The cabin length is 220cm, and the cabin diameters are 75cm, 90cm and 100cm. According to the user's usage scenario and room decoration style, different colorful cabins can be customized.

home hyperbaric oxygen chamber

Low noise design for commercial use

Noise reduction design inside and outside the cabin enhances the experience.

hyperbaric oxygen chamber home use

Internal control system

With the internal control system, users can operate it internally, selecting air pressure, air conditioning switch, boost speed and other functions.

hyperbaric oxygen chamber home

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