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Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy Modulates Inflammation-related Pathways and Accelerates Injury Recovery

Inflammation is some of the chronic symptoms of our body, such as pain, fatigue and digestive discomfort all come down to inflammation. A poor lifestyle, chronic stress on the body, not following a healthy diet, and exposure to toxins all contribute to chronic inflammation. Previously, "British Journal of Nutrition" published a study, said chronic and mild systemic inflammation is harmful. Meanwhile, other studies point to a link between chronic inflammation and problems with memory, mental health, and neurodegeneration. In addition to the health problems mentioned above, slow recovery from damage can also be attributed to the effects of chronic inflammation.

1. Hyperbaric oxygen therapy helps recovery

It is understood that long-term inflammation can make it difficult for damaged areas in the body to recover. Therefore, in order to suppress the impact of chronic inflammation on physical health, we need to improve health problems through "anti-inflammatory" methods. Hyperbaric oxygen therapy treatment can inhibit the impact of inflammation on health by modifying the relevant pathways of inflammation. Under hyperoxia conditions, the damaged site of the body slowly exits the ongoing inflammatory process. The recovery of the injured area is also accelerated after "freezing" the interference of inflammation.

2. Home hyperbaric oxygen chambers for the ordinary people

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy is a new technology in the field of medical and health care. People can deliver high concentrations of oxygen to the body in an airtight chamber under pressure conditions above standard atmospheric pressure. Because hyperbaric oxygen therapy is mostly used in the medical field, many ordinary people consider it a new technology. However, in fact, this oxygen therapy technology has experienced hundreds of years of development, and home hyperbaric oxygen chamber products for the health care needs of ordinary people have appeared one after another.

The household hyperbaric oxygen chamber of Shanghai Baobang Medical Equipment Co., Ltd. is a sitting and portable hyperbaric oxygen therapy chamber, which adopts a special hyperbaric oxygen chamber to increase the oxygen content in the blood. Instead of lying in a closed environment, just sitting, hyperbaric chamber therapy can improve your oxygen supply, reduce swelling, stop infection, and help wounds heal faster.

Inflammation is like a "fuse" in the body, which will slowly trigger related health problems in the body. Through hyperbaric oxygen therapy, we can "cut" the connection between inflammation and the body, thereby helping the body to "heal" itself faster, and at the same time reducing many health problems caused by inflammation.

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