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Introduction of HE5000 Series

Glad to welcome another upgrade to our new model HE5000 in 2024! To give those who like this series more options, we have launched two models HE5000Mini and HE5000Plus, as well as a Chinese Dragon Year Limited Edition Paint. With different sizes and layouts for Mini and Plus, it can be better integrated into your home/clinic and other places.


First from the HE5000Mini, it reduces the width of some and can be more easily transported to your room or living room, if you want to use it at home, which is a good choice. The size is 82(L)*47(W)*69(H)''. It can easily accommodate 2-3 people in the chamber, and the pressure value can reach medical level 2.0 ATA with a soothing boosting speed; the intelligent LCD panel can be operated in both internal and external directions; the layout can be customized according to your needs.


Compared to Mini, HE5000 is more suitable for clinic or commercial use. Its large size 82(L)*63(W)*69(H)'' can accommodate 1-5 people to perform HBOT treatment at the same time. The chamber pressure provides two options 1.5ATA/ 2.0ATA, which can also have more layout customization options. ≤60dB quiet space low noise design is more suitable for commercial use. The recirculating air intake setup keeps the air circulating and the oxygen fresh.

HE5000Plus is Macy-Pan's largest 98(L)*63(W)*69(H)'' hard type hyperbaric chamber. It can still achieve 2.0ATA high pressure. It can accommodate up to 6-7 people. You can install TV and audio and other equipment inside the chamber. Oxygen therapy for relaxation and enjoyment at the same time.


HE5000 series are all-in-one model. The raw material is stainless steel, excellent durability, boost is to eliminate the squeak and rattle. In almost all cases, stainless steel will outperform aluminum in a medical environment.

For medical use, such as equipment, tools, and even implants, require long-lasting performance and easy-to-clean surfaces.

Cost-wise stainless steel is more expensive and harder than aluminum alloys to better withstand pressure. Aluminum alloys oxidize with patches over time, while stainless steel is a bit more stable.

Oversized linear sliding hatch -- The entire series of hatches are made of high-strength PC material, which ensures the strength of the material while providing visibility. The transparent hatch reduces claustrophobia, and the large size of the hatch makes it easy for people of all sizes to come and go as they please.


Each machine has an internal and external control system that allows both single and multiple users can set up their own oxygen therapy with the internal/external control panel.(air pressure, air conditioner, lights, boost speed, and other functions), making the HBOT sessions more convenient.


Multiple Layouts-MACY-PAN now offers 4 types of conventional: Business inline sitting, Sitting-or-lying sofa, Triple seating mode, and Tatami relaxation mode. Of course, if you have your own favorite mode we also support customized layout, and not only the layout, but also audio, TV and other equipment....

Security testing is a necessity

① Hatch air leakage self-test, if the users do not close the hatch completely, then the chamber will not be pressurized.

② Four sets of automatic pressure relief valves design, effectively preventing abnormal air pressure.

③ Internal and external air deflate valve allows the users to quickly exit the chamber from the inside or outside by rotating the air deflate valve.

④ Alarm when air pressure is too high, in case of abnormal pressurization chamber will alarm prompting the users to depressurize.

⑤ Power off alarm, if abnormal power off will trigger the alarm and prompt the user to exit the chamber.

⑥ Machine protection settings, power off in case of voltage abnormality, safety design.

⑦ Internal humidification device to prevent the possibility of static electricity.

⑧ Carbon dioxide exhaust device, effectively preventing the accumulation of carbon dioxide in the chamber and promptly discharged.


If you have any questions about our new models or want to order you can contact us feel free.

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