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Why People Choose Sitting-type Hyperbaric Chamber?

Stem cells are a group of cells with self-renewal and multiple differentiation potential. In recent years, the concept of stem cells has been fried hot. Many people started the medical beauty of stem cells and claimed beauty, aphrodisiac, anti-ageing, anti-cancer, and other effects. The price is as high as tens of thousands of yuan. The stem cell transfusion claimed in the market is useless, but it may also increase the additional risk.

According to clinical studies, when stem cells are injected into the body, they can be defended by the immune system, or they can be devoured by 70 to 80 percent of the immune system, resulting in cytokine storms and fatal risks such as vascular embolism, acute respiratory distress syndrome, and multiple organ failure. Second, the laboratory conditions for stem cells are incredibly harsh, and many institutions on the market have not met the standard. If the conditions are not as favourable as they should be, it can result in cell growth, bacteria, death, and even mutation, potentially leading to the development of carcinogenic cells. So, what is a healthy, safe, and effective beauty care method?

Ⅰ. At home hyperbaric oxygen chamber is concerned by the market

The market has recently become interested in at-home hyperbaric chambers for sale, particularly domestic hyperbaric oxygen chambers. The pressure and oxygen concentration of micro hyperbaric oxygen used in the domestic hyperbaric oxygen chamber is higher than normal atmospheric pressure, resulting in a large amount of oxygen dissolved in the human body. The amount of oxygen in the human body is several times the usual situation, significantly improving the body's efficiency in using oxygen and producing a variety of beneficial changes.

After inhaling hyperbaric oxygen, the metabolic status of human cells is improved, and the elimination of metabolites (such as melanin) and cell regeneration is accelerated to improve skin elasticity and lustre. In addition, in the oxygen-rich environment of at home hyperbaric oxygen chamber, the temporary increase of active substances can enhance antibacterial activity, inhibit inflammation, promote tissue repair, and have certain help for postoperative recovery. Moreover, the home hyperbaric oxygen chamber has the effect of improving immunity, eliminating fatigue, helping sleep, improving mental strength, enhancing antioxidant capacity, delaying ageing and so on.

Ⅱ. The introduction of sitting-type hyperbaric chambers

Our sitting-type hyperbaric chamber has a unique tilting cabin design and is an excellent choice for guests who cannot access the top cabin or want to move flexibly from sitting-type straight to relaxing and lying down. Office workers can enjoy oxygen therapy in a sitting-type hyperbaric chamber while using a computer. In addition, some people with leg discomfort can be wheeled directly into an oxygen chamber to receive oxygen therapy. One of the most striking features of our sitting-type hyperbaric chamber is its highly adjustable folding chairs for ultimate comfort. The sitting-type hyperbaric chamber also provides highly effective stability and balance.

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