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What Customers Say about MACY-PAN Hyperbaric Chamber

With an increasing number of clinical experiments indicating and individuals providing firsthand experiences attesting to the undeniable efficacy of hyperbaric oxygen chambers, they are recognized for their various functions, including assisting in disease treatment, enhancing immune function, cosmetic anti-aging, and alleviating lactic acid, among others.

Consequently, hyperbaric oxygen chambers have become the first choice for many patients, families, and athletes. Of course, there are opposing views suggesting that hyperbaric oxygen chambers are ineffective. Initially, we consider four crucial points when using hyperbaric oxygen chambers: usage time, frequency, pressure, and oxygen concentration. Have you been consistently adhering to a regular schedule for using the hyperbaric oxygen chamber? Is the pressure and oxygen concentration of the hyperbaric oxygen chamber you purchased effective? The reason hyperbaric oxygen chambers allow the body to absorb more oxygen is that, in a high-pressure oxygen environment, more oxygen can penetrate deep into the body's tissues.

Under high-pressure oxygen conditions, the oxygen storage in different tissues also increases. Under conditions of 3 atmospheres absolute (ATA), the oxygen storage can increase from 13 ml/kg to approximately 53 ml/kg, equivalent to about a fourfold increase. The effective diffusion radius of oxygen, which is approximately 30 micrometers under normal pressure, significantly expands under high-pressure oxygen conditions. Under 3 ATA, it can reach up to 300 micrometers at the venous end of capillaries.

There are increasingly more hyperbaric oxygen chambers available on the market, so why choose MACY-PAN? I believe our customers can provide the most authentic answers.

William from the United States had excellent results treating leg ulcers using a hyperbaric oxygen chamber at a local clinic. However, as his insurance couldn't cover the expenses, he had to purchase a chamber himself. Fortunately, he chose MACY-PAN, where our sales team provides personalized one-on-one service for each customer.

Iris, understanding William's situation, recommended a portable hyperbaric oxygen chamber tailored to his needs. This way, he could receive effective treatment from the comfort of his home. William is highly satisfied with the chamber, praising both the shipping speed and product quality. He has started his treatment and speaks highly of MACY-PAN for delivering a perfect solution to his healthcare needs.


Sonia from the United States, also troubled by a medical condition, decided to purchase an hyperbaric chamber. The most significant challenge in this transaction was dealing with the U.S. customs. However, upon seeing the hyperbaric oxygen chamber she purchased from us, Sonia felt it was entirely worthwhile, a sentiment shared even by her doctor friends.

MACY-PAN's hyperbaric oxygen chambers are made with TPU raw materials certified by SGS, known for their high strength, abrasion resistance, oil resistance, cold resistance, good processability, and environmental friendliness. Our products have obtained certifications such as CE, ISO9001, ISO13485, and patent certificates. With a one-year warranty and lifelong after-sales support, we ensure the quality and reliability of our chambers.


The other customer Christopher has previously stated that our hyperbaric oxygen chambers are in no way inferior to other brands. This is because MACY-PAN is a manufacturer with 17 years of experience in chamber production.

We have our own research and development team, sales department, assembly department, quality control department, and more. We rigorously oversee every manufacturing process, and each product undergoes seven inspections before being dispatched. We sell complete sets of equipment, eliminating the need for additional accessory purchases. Upon receiving it, you can enjoy your therapy through a straightforward installation process.


Not only those suffering from illnesses benefit from using hyperbaric oxygen chambers, but also some well-known athletes around the world.

Slovenian judo athlete Vite Dragic attests that the hyperbaric oxygen chamber has contributed to his regeneration and recovery. After just 7 days of use (with each session lasting 90 minutes), the results were astonishing—his strength, speed, and endurance all improved by 10%.

Tyler Jeffrey Dillashaw, a former professional mixed martial artist born on February 7, 1986, and a two-time UFC Bantamweight Champion, also purchased our hyperbaric oxygen chamber after undergoing surgery. This was to facilitate a better and faster recovery to return to his previous condition.

There are many such examples, demonstrating that hyperbaric oxygen chambers indeed bring us more health benefits without side effects.

Like food and water, oxygen is also a vital source of life and should be considered the foremost component in sustaining life energy. While a person can go without eating or drinking for several days, the absence of oxygen can lead to suffocation and death within minutes. For humans, oxygen is crucial in maintaining survival and health. The hyperbaric oxygen chamber serves as a technological oxygen therapy device, combining scientific, effective, and safe features for hyperbaric oxygen therapy.

As a medical equipment company, MACY-PAN adheres to the use of the best and most suitable materials to manufacture hyperbaric oxygen chambers. Each product sold represents our brand, reflecting our commitment to quality. Hundreds of thousands of patients worldwide have benefited from MACY-PAN's hyperbaric chambers, validating the correctness of our principles. Additionally, we offer comprehensive after-sales service, including a one-year warranty and lifelong maintenance!

If you have any concerns, feel free to contact us

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