In the Face of Urban Hypoxia, What Can a Home Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber Do?

In modern civilized society, the human body is generally in a state of hypoxia. With the continuous advancement of urbanization, more and more high-rise buildings have been erected, driving population concentration. The population concentration and the increase in the number of people have exacerbated the contradiction between man and land. The buildings, squares, roads and other artificial facilities in the city have increased greatly. The natural ecology such as water bodies and water bodies is correspondingly reduced, and the ability of the environment to purify the air is weakened.

Oxygen is the most important energy for sustaining life and a key factor in genetic science and life services. Oxygen content affects the cell metabolism and physiological functions of the human body. Under normal conditions, the oxygen content in the atmosphere is 20.9%. Urbanization, the development of industrial enterprises and the growth of population make the oxygen content lower than this value, the content of oxygen absorbed by the human body is reduced, the oxygen supply to the body is reduced, and the normal operation of tissues and organs cannot be maintained, and it falls into a state of hypoxia. The most direct manifestations of hypoxia are dizziness, headache, sleepiness, poor sleep quality, memory loss, and lethargy. The body is in a state of hypoxia for a long time, which will cause metabolic disorders, reduce immunity, and increase the risk of many major diseases such as cancer, coronary heart disease, and stroke.

1. What is the role of household hyperbaric oxygen chambers in the face of urban hypoxia?

For this problem, people can improve the hypoxia of the body by using the at home hyperbaric chamber for a long time and inhaling hyperbaric oxygen. The domestic hyperbaric oxygen chamber itself has the characteristics that the air pressure and oxygen concentration in the cabin are higher than the normal atmosphere. Therefore, when using a home hyperbaric oxygen chamber, with the gradual increase of the air pressure in the cabin, a large amount of oxygen in the cabin will be dissolved in the human blood, which will increase the oxygen content of the human body in plasma, cells and body fluids, and significantly improve the body. The efficiency of oxygen utilization, tissues and organs get sufficient oxygen supply, and the operation will return to normal. Long-term use of a home hyperbaric oxygen chamber can not only change the hypoxia state of the body but also have the effects of regulating metabolism and immune function, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory, improving mental and physical strength, beauty and beauty, enhancing antioxidant capacity and delaying ageing.

2. The introduction of a household hyperbaric oxygen chamber

Many of  MACY-PAN's home hyperbaric chamber have large spaces, which can be used with family members or friends at the same time to enjoy hyperbaric chamber treatment together. Home hyperbaric chambers have many viewing windows for a good view of the interior. For claustrophobic patients, there is no need to worry about being troubled by space limitations. And the home hyperbaric oxygen chamber is easy to install and operate.

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