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Hyperbaric Chamber Pressure, the Higher, the Better?

The 2019 Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine revealed the great significance of oxygen for human health. Oxygen is a key factor in genetic science and life. Oxygen levels affect cell metabolism and physiological functions. Adequate oxygen can maintain the normal physiological functions of the human body and keep people in a healthy state. With the increase of age and people's unhealthy eating habits, excessive mental stress, lack of exercise, or aging diseases, the oxygen uptake capacity of the human body gradually declines, and the oxygen content in the human body is not enough to maintain the normal work of the body's organs, resulting in a series of adverse reactions. Studies have shown that hypoxia is an important factor in causing many diseases in humans: including cancer, heart disease, stroke, vascular disease, etc.

What is Hyperbaric Chamber Used For?

Oxygen exists in two forms in the blood, one is combined with hemoglobin in red blood cells, and the other is directly dissolved in plasma. In the case of inhalation of normal atmosphere, the oxygen content in the blood is about 16ml/dL, most of the oxygen is combined with the hemoglobin, and a small part is dissolved oxygen. Dissolved oxygen usually enters tissue cells faster than hemoglobin-bound oxygen, and can also reach some capillaries of the body that hemoglobin oxygen cannot be bounded by, so it is more easily utilized by tissue cells. But the increase in dissolved oxygen content is dependent on external pressure. That's why sometimes we need an affordable hyperbaric chamber.

Because the internal pressure of the hyperbaric oxygen chamber is higher than the normal atmospheric pressure, it can significantly increase the amount of dissolved oxygen in the plasma, cells, and body fluids throughout the body. At the same time, the increase in oxygen concentration by the hyperbaric oxygen chamber is several times higher than in usual conditions, even when the blood flow itself is not smooth or blocked, the increased dissolved oxygen can also meet the needs of life activities, which can significantly improve the body's utilization efficiency of oxygen, producing a series of beneficial changes. Macy Pan hyperbaric chamber is a professional hyperbaric chamber manufacturer, We offer various types of hyperbaric chambers such as sitting type, lying type, hard type hyperbaric chamber, and hyperbaric chamber for multiple places and veterinary. You can always find the appropriate hyperbaric chambers you may need. Browse our website navigation to find more affordable hyperbaric chamber for sale you may be interest in.

Is the Hyperbaric Chamber Pressure the Higher the Better?

Hyperbaric oxygen chambers are divided into medical hyperbaric oxygen chambers and household hyperbaric oxygen chambers according to the different air pressures in the chamber. 

Medical Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber

The air pressure in the medical hyperbaric oxygen chamber is very high, which is 2 to 3 times the standard atmospheric pressure, and the oxygen concentration is close to 100%. Generally, it is only suitable for patients suffering from certain diseases. Improper use may cause discomfort or injury to the patient, and may also lead to safety accidents.

Household Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber

The air pressure and oxygen concentration in the household hyperbaric oxygen chamber are only slightly higher than the normal atmosphere, which belongs to the micro-hyperbaric oxygen, which is safer than medical hyperbaric oxygen. What's more, the micro-hyperbaric oxygen therapy in the soft sided hyperbaric chamber does not belong to the medical treatment, but the daily health care. The home hyperbaric oxygen chamber has a wider range of applications. Its therapeutic effects involve anti-oxidation, anti-aging, beauty, improving resistance, reducing fatigue, helping sleep, improving brain and physical strength, etc. It is almost applicable to all people.

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