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American Professor Lives Underwater for 100 Days: "My Body Feels 10 Years Younger!"

Imagine what it would be like to live under the sea for a long time.

Recently, 55-year-old scientist Joseph Dituri, known as "Dr. Deep Sea", got the answer to this question.

Starting from March 1 this year, Dituri dived alone into the Jules Underwater Hotel at a depth of about 9.14 meters at the bottom of the Florida Keys. He spent 100 days and broke the world record for the longest time living underwater. On June 6 "Ashore" on the 9th.

Dituri and some researchers believe that the higher air pressure underwater than on the ground may be the key to reversing the aging process and may even help people live longer to 110 years.


During these 100 days, in addition to using experimental equipment to conduct some underwater experiments, he also has a special research topic: the human body's response to long-term exposure to extreme pressure environments.

This is a topic he has been studying for many years.

Dituri, who served in the Navy for many years and has 28 years of diving experience, now teaches in South Florida and has a PhD in biomedical engineering.

Therefore, in this study, he chose himself as the experimental subject to explore the answer to this question.


Before further elaborating on his physical condition, we have to mention Jules’ underwater cabin where he lives.

This underwater cabin is located 9.1 meters below the surface of the water. Unlike other underwater hotels, this cabin does not use any technology to reduce water pressure.

So here, the air pressure is 1.6 times that of land.


The place where he spends most time is his "living room". The "living room" of the submarine house is actually a "pipe" with a diameter of 2.44 meters and a length of 6 meters.


He took many of his experimental supplies underwater and conducted experiments in a high-pressure environment.


In order to complete the research, he performed daily electrocardiogram examinations, human microbiome examinations, electroencephalogram examinations, ear pressure observations, muscle tests, urine and saliva tests...

Doctors will come down regularly to take blood tests and evaluate lung function.

However, unexpectedly, when the experiment came to an end, he found that his health was better than before? "My body is almost 10 years younger..."

Many people think that living in this kind of deep-sea hut must be very anxious - it is 50 years old, has small windows, and the water pressure outside is very high, which makes people feel scared.

But Dituri enjoyed it very much.

"What are you afraid of? No sharks will rush in through the window. That window is 11 centimeters thick. I've calculated it."

“And, for this thing to flood — unless someone drilled a hole in the roof, there’s no physical way that that could happen.”


Dituri said that not only did he not feel a splitting headache in the high-pressure underwater environment.

According to records, he spent an extremely long time in deep sleep underwater, accounting for 60% to 66% of his time in deep sleep every night.

He gets up energetically at five o'clock every morning to exercise, works all day without feeling tired, and does not nap during the day.

Surprisingly, this environment had a hyperbaric oxygen chamber-like effect on him.

His metabolism is higher than when he entered, he's lost some weight, the inflammatory markers in his blood have been cut in half, and his cholesterol has dropped 72 points.

In addition, the length of his cell telomeres actually increased by 20% compared to March!

Telomeres are genetic sequences at the ends of chromosomes that gradually shorten as we age. And now the length has increased, which means that in a sense, this kind of underwater life seems to have reversed his aging, making him "rejuvenated" and almost 10 years younger!


Although it is difficult for us to experience the "undersea hotel" like Professor Dituri in our daily lives and achieve reverse cell aging. However, we can effectively solve the problem of human body hypoxia by using the O2 PLANET home hyperbaric oxygen chamber, which has an auxiliary role in relieving stress, beautifying and anti-aging, daily health care, and eliminating exercise fatigue.

The pressure of the O2 PLANET home oxygen chamber is controlled at 1.3-1.5ATA, which is simple and safe to operate.


The O2 PLANET household oxygen chamber mainly maintains a certain high-pressure oxygen gas environment by pressurizing the chamber and then achieving pressure balance in the chamber through the automatic constant pressure valve of the cabin. This provides higher oxygen delivery efficiency and more oxygen supply.


There are two ways of transporting oxygen in the body: bound oxygen and dissolved oxygen. Most of the oxygen that enters the blood is combined with hemoglobin to form oxyhemoglobin. This part of oxygen is called "bound oxygen". There is also a small part of oxygen that is directly dissolved in the plasma in a physical state. This part of oxygen is called "dissolved oxygen."

Therefore, oxyhemoglobin molecules are large and difficult to pass through narrow blood vessel walls, while dissolved oxygen molecules are small and can be dissolved into blood and body fluids in large amounts in high-pressure environments.


This can regulate the whole body system, promote the body to quickly clean up garbage, effectively help cell regeneration and renewal, provide daily health care, and delay aging.

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