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Home Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy: Improve Sub-health of Skin and Return to Youthful State

In recent years, skin health has received more and more attention from people. The criteria for evaluating skin health are skin elasticity, firmness, hydration and radiance. Only with good elasticity, strong hydration, good gloss and relative tolerance can it belong to healthy skin. A healthy skin barrier is able to resist the entry of external toxins and irritants, as well as moisturizing and regulating.

1. Why hyperbaric oxygen therapy?

Skin sub-health refers to a skin state that is between healthy and diseased, and transitions to skin disease. At present, the proportion of people with sub-healthy skin is more than 70%. Sub-healthy skin is mainly due to the weakening of the body's oxygen uptake capacity with the increase of age, unhealthy living habits, and increased mental stress. The oxygen content of the body's tissues and organs is not enough to maintain normal metabolic activities, and the human body falls into a state of hypoxia.

Hypoxia will lead to a decrease in human immunity and metabolic capacity. If it is not regulated and maintained, the skin that is already in a sub-health state may be at risk of skin diseases. If the abuse of drugs or skin care products, especially the treatment of hormone-containing drugs, may make the condition stubborn or even worse, hyperbaric oxygen therapy can be selected at this time.

2. The benefits of hyperbaric oxygen therapy

Studies have shown that hyperbaric oxygen therapy treatment can improve the sub-health of the skin and bring people back to a youthful state. In hyperbaric oxygen therapy treatment, due to the increase of pressure, a large amount of oxygen is dissolved in the blood, and the amount of oxygen in plasma, cells and body fluids in the body is several times higher than usual, which significantly improves the body's utilization efficiency of oxygen and produces a series of beneficial effects. 

After inhaling hyperbaric oxygen, the oxygen-rich blood is transported to all parts of the body, the metabolism of cells in the whole body can be improved, and the body can quickly clean up garbage and regulate the endocrine of the human body, thereby restoring the luster of the skin, removing melanin, and effectively helping cells to regenerate, renew, and restore. The elasticity of the gradually hardened skin's tiny blood vessels allows active oxygen to penetrate into the deepest layer of the skin, play a role in cell regeneration and skin conditioning, promote the production of subcutaneous collagen, improve skin relaxation, dark circles and other conditions, and delay aging.

At the same time, hyperbaric oxygen therapy can protect the skin from ultraviolet rays, which can lead to a sharp increase in free radicals in the body, causing localized skin pigmentation and wrinkles, and damage to cells and the immune system. Pretreatment with hyperbaric oxygen significantly reduced UV-induced skin cell apoptosis and improved skin elasticity and wrinkle depth.

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