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Letter from Rochester, New York

Dear Macypan:

        My name is Maraya Polo.

        I was involved in a car accident in Rochester, New York. The guy driving the truck ran a red light and he ended up crashing into my car, putting me in the hospital where I was in a coma for 28 days and laid in the hospital for almost 4 months ......

        After years of naturopathic treatment I found my best doctor at a centre that had hyperbaric chamber, 4D massage, hydrogen Ozone therapy injections, vitamin therapy, infrared sauna, etc.

        After researching with specialists I decided to purchase a home hyperbaric chamber for my personal use.

        The Hyperbaric chamber was the best gift I ever received and I came across this company in Shanghai, China, who have a great reputation for helping the health of humans and animals, I use it every day and it is my primary care doctor!!! The pain I used to feel is almost 90% gone, I can walk without any help and I can breathe without any pain in my lungs. Due to the damage this accident has done to my spine, the opinion of both doctors at different hospitals is surgery, without which I will not be able to walk and neurologically I will not be able to speak or think very well for the rest of my life ..... This infinite evil was all caused by the car accident. (You may be interested in hyperbaric oxygen machine for sale and hyperbaric chamber manufacturers )

        Fortunately, thanks to Shanghai Baobang Medical Equipment Co., Ltd, my life is now completely different as the pain, disability etc. have all disappeared. I have been using the Hyperbaric chamber for 8 months now and I am now back to my sport, swimming, Zumba, aerobics in the pool etc. ...... And soon I will be back to 10km, half marathons and marathons as I have been a sportsman all my life, my life changed 5 years ago but today I am a faithful witness to my recovery, Shanghai Baobang Medical Equipment Co., Ltd recommends the Hyperbaric chamber for everything ...... Not only can you recover from an accident, but you can also lose weight. I'm 5.7ft (1.74m) tall, I can't do sports because of the disability caused by my accident and I've gained over 40lbs (18kg) .....

        I have been using it for 8 months now, my doctor calls it the Hyperbaric chamber and I have lost about 28lbs (12kg) just by using it, it (Hyperbaric chamber) has enabled me to do my sports and have a fulfilling life loaded with lots of energy. I will soon be going to university with my hearing aid and starting my Masters. It's a breakthrough. When I had my accident, the police and the ambulance service didn't think I would survive it! This is all thanks to my love of naturalness and preventative medicine, such as the hyperbaric chamber at Shanghai Baobang.

        I offer my faithful testimony and my appreciation and gratitude to all my Shanghai Baobang pals. This is an honest company with a large number of very professional people with constant humanism and discipline like Ms Jaqueline, I can't say enough about your cooperation because after more than 9 months of negotiations and transport my Hyperbaric chamber arrived from Shanghai, China and if I had questions she would not hesitate to answer me, Shanghai The same goes for the other colleagues at Baobang.

        I am writing this letter with all my life, present and future. Coming from knowing the hyperbaric chamber through Shanghai Baobang, I offer my most honest, professional and respectful advice to all Shanghai Baobang users.

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