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The Development of Home Use Hyperbaric Chamber

1. The emergence of the home use hyperbaric chamber

Studies have shown that various diseases are closely related to hypoxia. Therefore, hyperbaric oxygen therapy is also used in the treatment of various diseases. The hyperbaric oxygen chamber in the hospital is also known as the "first-class cabin" in the rehabilitation department. The emergence of various home use hyperbaric chambers based on people's health care needs has given ordinary people the opportunity to experience this "first-class cabin".

Due to the targeted treatment of diseases, the hyperbaric oxygen chambers used in hospitals are more intense. Under normal circumstances, the pressure of the medical hyperbaric oxygen chamber is 2 to 3 standard atmospheres, and the oxygen concentration is almost 100%. Even for people with diseases, in the case of improper use of oxygen chambers, the body will feel discomfort or even get damaged. This also greatly limits the use of medical hyperbaric oxygen chambers.

During the exploration of oxygen therapy, scientists found that the effect of hyperbaric oxygen therapy is not only limited to the field of disease treatment but also has great benefits in exercise recovery, inhibition of inflammation and alleviation of altitude sickness. Therefore, they have carried out a certain transformation on the basis of the original medical hyperbaric oxygen chamber and launched a hbot chamber for home use. In order to regulate the domestic hyperbaric chamber market, the specified pressure value should be controlled within 1.3 to 1.5 standard atmospheres. Various companies with certain R&D capabilities have also gradually introduced home-standard hyperbaric oxygen chamber products. Judging from the current market conditions, the home use hyperbaric chamber market already has a certain prototype and is expected to form a larger-scale market.

2. Development of the home use hyperbaric chamber

From the perspective of the current society, health is essential for everyone. In addition to various dietary supplements, we also need to meet our pursuit of health through new technological convalescence equipment. The emergence of home use hard shell hyperbaric chamber is the inevitable result of the social health needs. Perhaps the market for home use hyperbaric chambers has just emerged, but with time passing, it may be expected to develop into a prosperity.

In terms of the hyperbaric chamber internal communication system, patients inside can call for help or service via internal phone. The top of the hyperbaric chamber rack is height-adjustable for more patient comfort. The hyperbaric chambers for sale is also equipped with air conditioning, which can effectively cool down in hot weather and provide a more comfortable hyperbaric oxygen treatment experience, with the characteristics of interior lighting, multiple viewing windows, excellent interior visibility, and easy installation and operation.

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