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What Benefits Can Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy Treatment Provide?

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy treatment provides overall benefits by delivering therapeutic oxygen to the body. Hyperbaric oxygen therapy treatment has been successfully used for:

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy treatment helps with non-healing wounds

Many factors can impede the rapid healing of wounds: tissues may not be getting enough oxygen (hypoxia), tissues may not be repairing quickly enough, immune responses may have decreased, and inflammation can extend tissue swelling. Hyperbaric oxygen therapy treatment does not rely on blood vessels to provide oxygen, but rather pushes oxygen into your tissues from outside. If you find that your wound has not progressed in two weeks, consult your doctor to find out if hyperbaric oxygen therapy treatment can help.

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy treatment helps resist infections and immunologically compromised or injured tissue

White blood cells require plenty of oxygen, such as the type provided through high-pressure oxygen therapy, to kill bacteria. Hyperbaric oxygen therapy treatment is especially helpful for treating deep bone infections (osteomyelitis), necrotizing infections, brain abscesses, and chronic infections caused by complications from transplantation, skin grafting, and reconstructive surgery; chronic inflammation caused by diabetes complications, crush injuries, amputations, and inflammatory bowel disease (IBD). High-pressure oxygen therapy for wound healing is typically used in areas where blood vessels are damaged and repair tissues need oxygen and nutrients that cannot be transported. Hyperbaric oxygen therapy treatment can help establish new blood vessels, thus building new tissue to promote healing. Due to the excellent therapeutic effect of hyperbaric oxygen chambers, many people have started to use them, and many people have started to choose hyperbaric oxygen chamber for home use.

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy treatment helps with anemia and the treatment of irritable bowel syndrome

Anemia is a blood disorder that can lead to blood loss, making it harder for your body to obtain oxygen for cells. It can also help heal painful mouth ulcers, gastrointestinal ulcers, and fistulas (abnormal pathways from the skin to the body). These wounds increase the risk of infection and cannot be treated by external wound care. Hyperbaric oxygen therapy treatment sends oxygen deep into the tissue and extends to bone wounds where antibiotics are typically resistant. It relieves pain caused by IBD, wounds, surgery, and non-healing gastric ulcers.

In addition to these, hyperbaric oxygen therapy treatment also can treat traumatic brain injuries (caused by concussions, contusions, skull penetration, or brain twists), brain injuries caused by carbon monoxide or cyanide poisoning, and decompression sickness. Hypoxia is typically associated with most brain injuries. Hyperbaric oxygen therapy treatment helps stimulate cell growth on the internal wall of the intestine by establishing new blood vessels. New blood vessels form new tissues to help wounds heal. Hyperbaric oxygen therapy benefits skin by correcting age spots, repairing sagging skin, and providing an overall youthful appearance.

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