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Why Does High-Pressure Oxygen Stand Out Alone As Oxygen Intake?

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The high-pressure oxygen has 4 major advantages that regular oxygen cannot achieve, let me explain one by one:

High-pressure oxygen can increase the oxygen content in the blood and tissues, and increase the oxygen partial pressure, which regular oxygen cannot achieve

The arterial oxygen partial pressure under normal conditions is about 100mmHg, and there is also a certain limit to the combination of hemoglobin and oxygen. When the oxygen partial pressure reaches 250mmHg, the hemoglobin saturation reaches 100% and cannot further bind with oxygen. According to Henry's law, the amount of oxygen dissolved in plasma is directly proportional to the oxygen partial pressure. With the increase of pressure in the hyperbaric oxygen chamber, the oxygen partial pressure in the alveolar gas increases accordingly. For example, under 0.3MPa oxygen pressure, the oxygen partial pressure can be increased more than 20 times compared to normal pressure, and the pure physically dissolved oxygen is sufficient for tissue cells to use without the dissociation of oxygenated hemoglobin.

Enhance the penetration power during oxygen diffusion, penetrate blocked blood vessels, vasoconstriction, and cellular edema in local tissues, and improve oxygen supply

We know that the transmembrane transport of substances requires two conditions: permeability and driving force. Permeability is the characteristic of cell membrane structure for the transport of a particular substance. When the physiological environment changes, this characteristic can be altered. Changes in driving force have many conditions, such as increasing the carrier of transmembrane transport, changing the magnitude of electrostatic forces, and increasing substance concentration. One of the important functions of high-pressure oxygen is to increase the absolute oxygen content, increase the oxygen partial pressure, and increase the concentration driving force of transmembrane transport, thereby improving the penetration power of oxygen during diffusion and solving the insufficient diffusion problem of regular oxygen inhalation. Therefore, it has excellent effects on ischemic penumbral zone of cerebral infarction and nerve injury repair.

High-pressure oxygen increases the oxygen reserves in tissues and improves the body's tolerance to hypoxia

Under normal temperature and pressure, the oxygen storage in tissues is about 13ml per kilogram, and the oxygen consumption is about 3-4ml/min. Therefore, the safe time for circulatory interruption is 3-4 minutes. Under 0.3MPa pressure, the oxygen storage in tissues can be increased to 53ml per kilogram, and the safe time is extended by 8-12 minutes. If combined with low temperature, with every 5°C decrease in body temperature, the oxygen dissolution increases by 10%, cerebral oxygen consumption decreases by 35%, and myocardial oxygen consumption decreases by 20%. The safe time for circulatory interruption can reach 30 minutes to 1 hour. (Can you feel its power?                    

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