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Tips during using MACY-PAN Hyperbaric Chamber

1. DHL Express。

Please take pictures of the package carton boxes before signing when the parcel is delivered.

If you find any packaging box damaged outside, please check the inside chamber and machines, if there is a problem, please reject it and take detailed pictures, contact us and DHL Express directly

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2. Do not rub or drag on the ground when installing the chamber

3. When you are installing the metal frames, please take all frames into the chamber and install them when the chamber is pressurized to 5 Kpa so that you can be easier to install inside.

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4. Please distinguish internal and external pressure gauges to prevent damage to the pressure

gauge due to incorrect installation. The external is blue(0~100kpa) and the internal is black(-100~0kpa)

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5.Please FULLY closed the double zipper when starting the sessions; After using, please wait until the pressure is relieved to 0kpa, then you can open the outer and inner zippers.Please feel free to contact me if any questions.

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5.Wigs, jewellery or sharp objects should not be brought into the chamber; comfortable, loose-fitting clothing should be worn before entering the room. Women are advised not to wear stockings in the chamber as this may cause feelings of claustrophobia.

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7.People suffering from cold or flu symptoms, those with rhinitis or otitis media and those who are pregnant should follow their doctor's advice on the use of oxygen chambers.

In addition the following people are not suitable for the use of oxygen chambers for sale:

People with infectious diseases and serious illnesses;

People who are intoxicated;

Patients with pacemakers;

People with high blood pressure over 160/110 mmHg;

People with severe emphysema.

8. For soft chamber cleaning, wipe the capsule body with diluted alcohol. Switch on the machine and run it for 20 minutes to keep the air circulating inside. For hard chambers, you can often take the mattress out and put it in the sunlight. For maintenance and cleaning of pneumatic equipment, it is recommended to replace the filter wool every 10-12 months.

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9.For individuals using HBOT session times our recommendation is 60-90 minutes per session and 5 oxygen sessions per week. What you will be able to notice is whether you continue to make improvements. A clinical study of 1730 subjects showed that acute injuries require approximately 15 sessions and chronic injuries require 40 sessions. If you see results in the first 40 treatments, have another 40. If the improvement continues, do another 40 sessions. And so on. You are in a better position than any doctor to judge the number of treatments needed.

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10. If you are using an oxygen chamber for the first time, your ears may feel "full" when pressurised. This sensation is similar to diving to the bottom of a swimming pool, driving across a mountain range, or flying in an aeroplane. You can ease the discomfort by swallowing or growing your mouth. Once the chamber reaches a fixed pressure, the pressure in your ears will disappear.

11.Try to avoid coffee, alcohol and carbonated beverages before using the hyperbaric chamber; smoking cessation is recommended during convalescence as it constricts blood vessels and interferes with the body's ability to deliver oxygen.

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