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Why Does Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber Work for Cancer?

● Cancer cells fear oxygen: Cancer cells are anaerobic cells, mainly formed in a low oxygen environment. An aerobic environment reduces the activity of cancer cells, thereby intervening in the regeneration and metastasis of cancer cells. Aerobic exercise + oxygen chamber.

● Hyperbaric oxygen can assist in the application of radiation and chemotherapy for malignant tumors. Because malignant tumor tissues are in a hypoxic state, their sensitivity to radiation and chemotherapy is reduced, and their malignant behavior increases. Radiation and chemotherapy kill cancer cells' oxygen and free radicals, and hyperbaric oxygen can increase the oxygen and free radicals in cancer tissues.

For example, in radiation therapy with X-rays, if cancer cells are in an oxygen-deficient condition, they need three times the intensity, whereas in an oxygen-rich condition, killing cancer cells only requires one times the intensity.

● A hyperbaric oxygen therapy machine can reduce the side effects of radiation and chemotherapy. Hyperbaric oxygen can effectively improve the body's oxygen supply, promote the body's metabolism, enhance overall body functions, and create a better environment that can adapt to radiation and chemotherapy.

The role of hyperbaric oxygen in chemotherapy for malignant tumors

The sensitizing effect of hyperbaric oxygen on chemotherapy has been confirmed through numerous experiments and clinical observations and is accepted by the majority of scholars. In recent years, relevant reports have also confirmed this. Alagoz T (1995) conducted a study using a mouse ovarian cancer model and found that HBO significantly increased the sensitivity of chemotherapy drugs to tumor tissues. Yu Yaowen et al. (2000) observed the impact of hyperbaric oxygen chemotherapy on mouse tumors and concluded that HBO enhances the efficacy of DDP (cisplatin) treatment on mouse H22 and S-180 tumors. Takiguchi (2001) used hyperbaric oxygen to improve chemotherapy efficiency and simulated the combined effect of chemotherapy with HBO and chemotherapy alone on tumors. The results showed that HBO can enhance the anticancer effect of chemotherapy on tumors. Yu Huawei et al. (2002) found that HBO may enhance the sensitivity of acute myeloid leukemia cells to amsacrine by inhibiting the expression of the Bcl-2 gene and increasing the Bex/Bcl-2 ratio. Paul et al. (2003) used hyperbaric oxygen chemotherapy to treat both in vitro and in vivo sarcoma cells (MCA-2). The results showed that under hyperbaric oxygen conditions, the killing effect of amsacrine on both in vivo and in vitro tumor cells was enhanced.

The mechanism of hyperbaric oxygen's sensitization effect on chemotherapy

The mechanisms by which hyperbaric oxygen enhances the action of anticancer drugs include: (1) By generating oxygen free radicals, hyperbaric oxygen changes the spatial position of DNA peptide chains, increasing sensitivity to anticancer drugs and causing DNA peptide chain breaks, which can synergistically interact with anticancer drugs. (2) It causes a large number of G0 phase cells to enter the proliferative phase, increasing sensitivity to chemotherapy drugs. (3) It reduces the activity of tumor metabolic enzymes. (4) It increases the permeability of tumor cell membranes and the blood-brain barrier. This theory has been proven by experiments.

Cancer and tumors are also composed of cells, which are different from other cells in our body. Cancer cells are anaerobic and have a certain sensitivity to oxygen. Hyperbaric oxygen therapy can enhance the sensitivity of cancer cells to radiation and chemotherapy, thereby enhancing the treatment effectiveness. If hyperbaric oxygen therapy is used after radiation and chemotherapy, it can alleviate their side effects and promote cell repair. The combined treatment of medication and hyperbaric oxygen therapy can achieve a synergistic effect (1+1>2). The transfer of oxygen between tumor cells and normal tissues sometimes varies in quantity. In routine treatment, radiation and chemotherapy also kill normal cells, but treatment in a hyperbaric oxygen chamber for home can magnify this difference, making it more convenient for the selective action of chemotherapy drugs and better protection of existing normal cells.

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