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18 Points to choose a portable hbot (hyperbaric chamber)

Four important points of HBOT treatments are: pressure of chamber, duration of a single use,  frequency of use and the oxygen concentration.


In recent years more and more people have known Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber (HBOT Therapy), which is relatively the safest physical therapy with the lowest side effects.

Athletes choose it to reduce lactic acid to quickly restore body functions; patients choose it for recovery of disease; families choose it to carry out physical healthcare, to maintain good condition; beauty lovers choose it to anti-aging...


And soft sided hyperbaric chamber is the most popular model for home use due to It is portable and inflatable which will not take up too much space. The price is also more economical.

So how to choose a good soft hyperbaric chamber?

First of all we should make sure that you are choosing a reliable manufacturer:

  • Whether is portable hyperbaric chamber manufacturers, hyperbaric oxygen chamber for the only sale product, such manufacturers will have better warranty and service

  • Whether have more than 10 years hyperbaric chamber suppliers, which is related to the quality and safety of the product.

  • Whether have rich export experience, which is less hassle when you buy hyperbaric chamber.

  • Whether there is a professional technical team, sales team, R & D team, after-sales team and so on.


Next, make sure the oxygen chamber you choose is safe, convenient, and suitable.

  • Pressure value: Since the pressure value determines,, the level of oxygen introduced into the bloodstream and the radius of dispersion, the pressure value is an important factor in choosing the most suitable hyperbaric chamber for your needs. We need to combine this with the doctor's recommendation to choose a hyperbaric chamber with the right pressure value for you. Usually the safe pressure value for soft chambers is 1.1-1.5 ATA, while 1.4 ATA is already the pressure value for medical treatment, and if it is used for health care then 1.3 ATA is already enough.



  • Type: According to the usage of different groups of people, there will be different designs of soft chambers, such as single lying type (suitable for sports repair crowd), double lying type (suitable for one adult and a kid to enjoy HBOT), single sitting type (suitable for the elderly to facilitate the entry and exit), double sitting type (large space, suitable for sitting and lying inside), wheelchair style (suitable for people with limited mobility ), multiplace hyperbaric chamber for sale (suitable for the gym, clinic), hard hyperbaric chamber etc.



  • Material: SGS certified TPU material is the optimal choice as the raw material for soft chambers, which can maintain good elasticity and abrasion resistance; its load-bearing capacity, impact resistance, torsion resistance and abrasion resistance are outstanding; TPU material is oil resistant, which is incomparable to the raw material of elastic plasticity adhesive; TPU material is also good at resisting water, cold and oil, water and mold.



  • Anti-roll bolster: Although it only plays a fixed role, but we do not recommend inflatable type of anti-roll bolster, after the accumulation of time, It is very large probability of air leakage, choose to fit the chamber curvature sponge square fixed is a better choice.



  • Pressure gauge: To choose chambers with internal and external pressure gauges, double protection, convenient for internal and external people to more clearly observe the pressure rise and drop.



  • Arts and crafts: Chamber selection of high-frequency heat welding process is the most solid welding process; many manufacturers use glue welding not only contains a large number of formaldehyde, pungent odor and the risk of shedding, reducing the service life of the chamber.


  • The cover fit degree: To choose manufacturers with a cover, the cover can not only provide a good-looking appearance, but also play a protective role in the chamber.

Please pay attention to the cover of the empty space with the chamber window, valve, pressure gauge fit complete, otherwise it will make the chamber texture greatly reduced.




  • Operation: easy to operate, even one person can operate in both directions, you can use the oxygen chamber easily by yourself

  • Zipper: the quality of the zipper is also related to the life of the chamber and airtight, to choose a good quality double-layer zipper, and the zipper needs to be operable in both directions, so that the users can zipper up the zipper by themselves.



  • Emergency pressure relief valve: the chamber must have an emergency pressure relief valve, in case of emergency can be a key to release pressure.



  • Frame: In order to consider the convenience of entering and exiting the oxygen chamber, it is recommended to choose a chamber with frames.



  • Configuration: To consider whether it is a complete configuration, the chamber should be composed of an air compressor, oxygen concentrator (oxygen concentration can be adjusted), chamber and air conditioner (optional), of course, there is also an all-in-one machine, it will be more convenient to operate. Usually such a combination is sold together, received without the need to purchase other accessories.


  • Safety Certifications: Be sure to choose products that are certified by reputable organizations such as CE, ISO9001, and ISO13485. This ensures that the product has been rigorously tested for safety and meets industry standards for quality and performance.


  • hyperbaric chamber price: Excluding freight, the price will fluctuate with different models and configurations, and are more reliable in the range of 5000-13000USD.If the price is too low, the quality and after-sales service of the tank may be problematic. If the price is too high, may not be direct manufacturer, but by resellers.


Knowing all these can help you find a good portable hyperbaric chambers, you can also use our professional consultants (who are experienced and knowledgeable) to recommend the SUITABLE hyperbaric chamber for you and enjoy HBOT at home!

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