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MACY-PAN Awarded Certificate of Recognition for "Shanghai Municipality High-tech Achievement Transformation Project"

In 2023, MACY-PAN's "Air Health Cabin MC4000" was recognized by the Shanghai Science and Technology Commission as a 2023 high-tech achievement transformation project and entered the publicity period. Recently, MACY-PAN has successfully passed the publicity period and obtained the corresponding certificate.


The transformation of high-tech achievements is an important link in promoting the close integration of science and technology and economy. It is also a key path to stimulate the independent innovation capabilities of enterprises and the vitality of transformation of scientific and technological achievements.

The successful recognition of Shanghai's high-tech achievement transformation project is not only the result of MACY-PAN's independent research and development in the industry, but also the high recognition of MACY-PAN's independent innovation capabilities, professional and technical levels, and high-quality transformation of research results by the government authorities. !

Through this certification, MACY-PAN's core technology falls within the scope of the "High-tech Fields with Key National Support", and the core technology is protected by China's intellectual property laws. It also proves that the overall technology of the project is innovative and advanced, and has Potential economic benefits and better market prospects!

Hyperbaric oxygen chamber project background


Modern people suffer from various problems such as disease and aging due to social pressure and lack of oxygen due to air pollution. The human body has approximately 60 trillion cells, all of which require oxygen. In a hyperbaric oxygen environment, every function of the body is prepared through oxygen therapy that increases the osmotic pressure of dissolved oxygen, allowing people to quickly recover their physical strength. The unique scientific design of the air health cabin MC4000 developed this time also provides users with limited mobility in wheelchairs with the possibility of using an oxygen cabin.

MACY-PAN is committed to bringing healthy, beautiful and confident home hyperbaric oxygen chambers to thousands of households. In recent years, the company has actively participated in technological innovation and technical services in the field of citizen health, constantly innovating oxygen chamber design and manufacturing, and providing high-quality products for the health industry. Household hyperbaric oxygen chamber equipment strives to contribute MACY-PAN people's own strength to the cause of human health!

The advancement and innovation of MC4000 hyperbaric oxygen chamber


  • There are "u" type door and "n" type door for your choice of design, which can accommodate 2 folding chairs and provide comfortable space. It is wheelchair accessible and designed for people with limited mobility.

  • Patented technology "U-shaped hatch zipper", extra-large hatch for easy entry (Patent No. ZL2020305049186)

  • Completely covered by nylon cover Unique 3 sealed zippers prevent air leakage.

  • Two automatic constant pressure devices, internal and external pressure gauges monitor internal pressure in real time.

  • Breathe high-purity oxygen through an oxygen headset/mask.

  • 1.3ATA mild working pressure.

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