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Oxygen Star One HE5000, a Truly Versatile Oxygen Chamber

Harmonious coexistence, beauty and commonwealth are the traditional culture of the Chinese nation. "Yin and Yang are in harmony and all things are alive." Harmony generates wealth. Only harmonious relationships, harmonious families, harmonious societies, and harmonious countries will nourish the growth of wealth. "Harmony" is the soil of wealth. , "harmony" represents an upward vitality, a ruler rooted in the hearts of us Chinese people, measuring the relationship between you and me, the world, and ourselves. The Oxygen Star One HE5000 multi-person cabin strives to create a broad internal space. , presenting multiple usage scenarios, the integration of multiple people, harmony, beauty, health and harmony.


Can accommodate 1-5 people



Oxygen Star One HE5000, a Truly Versatile Oxygen Chamber

Our advantage

  • Stainless steel cabin, one-piece molding, excellent durability, no squeaking noise when boosting pressure.

  • The air pressure can reach up to 1.5ATA, and the pressure can be freely switched between 1.3, 1.4 and 1.5.

  • The oxygen partial pressure can be adjusted under high pressure, and the oxygen concentration can reach 30%~35%

  • Low noise design for commercial use, ≤50dB quiet space.

  • Circular air intake setting, air circulation and oxygen freshness.

  • Shanghai Baobang produces and sells products to achieve high performance and high quality prices.

Dissolved oxygen increases as pressure increases:

Oxygen Star One

1.1 atmosphere<1.2 atmosphere<1.3 atmosphere<1.5 atmosphere


1.5 atmospheres

Oxygen partial pressure increases, dissolved oxygen increases

Oxygen pressure setting


1.2·1.3·1.5 atmospheres

The air pressure of ordinary room cabins is only 1.2~1.3, but the Oxygen One HE5000 truly achieves 1.5 atmospheres. In order to satisfy first-time users and different groups of people, we set up experience modes and three air pressure switching functions.

Various layout combinations, flexible to use

Multiple layout options can be made based on user usage scenarios and user groups.

Practical scenario 1

The bed type allows two people to easily lie flat on the flat bed, allowing the whole family to enjoy family happiness.


Practical scenario 2

Seats can be installed to accommodate 3-5 people inside.


Practical scenario 3

Create a study and work space full of oxygen.

Features of Oxygen One HE5000 hyperbaric oxygen chamber

Simple design

The integrated design of the control system and cabin is very smooth and space-saving.


Eight major safety designs:

  • Hatch door air leakage detection, if the user does not close the hatch door completely, the cabin will not pressurize.

  • Power failure alarm. If there is an abnormal power failure, the alarm will sound and prompt the user to exit the cabin.

  • Internal and external manual pressure reducing valves. Users can quickly exit the cabin from the inside or outside by rotating the manual pressure reducing valves.

  • Alarm when the air pressure is too high. If there is an abnormality, an alarm will sound in the pressurization chamber to remind the user to decompress.

  • Four sets of automatic constant pressure valves are designed to effectively prevent abnormal air pressure.

  • Internal humidification device to prevent the possibility of static electricity.

  • Machine protection settings, power off immediately in case of voltage abnormality, safety design.

  • Carbon dioxide discharge device can effectively prevent the accumulation of carbon dioxide in the cabin and discharge it promptly.

Specially designed experience mode:

By slowing down the rise in air pressure, the eardrum discomfort is reduced when the air pressure rises, and the ear pressure balance is adjusted by swallowing saliva and pinching the nose to inflate.


Advantages of One-piece Molding of Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber

  • The stainless steel round structure formed through high-tech technology is balanced and strong under pressure.

  • It has good stability and can suppress deformation and weaken noise better than the square design.

  • The high-pressure window structure is safer and more secure than the square cabin.

  • Different atmospheric pressures are available, with a maximum pressure of 1.5 atmospheres available to meet the needs of different customers.

Oxygen One module body parts


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