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Can Healthy People Use Health Care Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber

Aerobic metabolism can be carried out by supplementing oxygen, thus to obtain energy and can treat many diseases. So can healthy people use the healthcare hyperbaric oxygen chambers?

Ⅰ. Healthy people use hyperbaric oxygen chambers

As long as the treatment plan is selected properly, hyperbaric oxygen will not cause harm to people. In clinical work, doctors and family members often enter the hyperbaric oxygen chamber to accompany the patient for treatment.

Although some family members of patients do not take oxygen, part of the accompanying guests' chronic diseases are alleviated and even cured unknowingly under high pressure.

In addition, micro-pressure oxygen therapy with relatively low air pressure has the effects of improving human sub-health condition, repairing damaged cells, restoring alkaline condition, resisting bacterial, and regulating body immunity for healthy people.

Ⅱ. The difference between healthcare hyperbaric oxygen chamber and atmospheric oxygen

The hard hyperbaric chamber is a device that inhales high concentrations of oxygen to treat diseases in an environment higher than one atmospheric pressure. However, many users do not understand the difference between a healthcare hyperbaric oxygen chamber and a normobaric oxygen chamber.

1. When inhaling hyperbaric oxygen, the partial pressure of oxygen in the blood is higher than that of atmospheric oxygen.

The oxygen partial pressure of different oxygen inhalation methods:

(1) Common oxygen inhalation methods: oxygen inhalation through nasal cannula, nasal congestion, or inhalation by ordinary single-tube mask while the oxygen partial pressure is 220-300mmHg.

(2) Oxygen inhalation with atmospheric pressure sealing mask: The oxygen partial pressure is 760 mmHg.

(3) Hyperbaric oxygen: Hyperbaric oxygen therapy uses 2 atmospheres of pure oxygen to inhale, and the oxygen partial pressure is 1520 mmHg. The oxygen partial pressure of hyperbaric oxygen therapy is 7 times that of ordinary oxygen therapy under atmospheric pressure!

2. When inhaling oxygen under hyperbaric oxygen, the oxygen partial pressure is very high, which can produce enough strong penetration, storage, dissolution, and antibacterial effect, and regulate various systems of the body.

3. For some special diseases, such as air embolism, gas gangrene, decompression sickness, carbon monoxide poisoning, etc. The curative effect of hyperbaric oxygen therapy is impossible to achieve through atmospheric oxygen therapy or drug therapy.

Hyperbaric oxygen can increase the blood supply and oxygen concentration of tissue cells, increase their energy synthesis, strengthen metabolism and accelerate cell division, proliferation, and growth. And the functions of systems, organs, and tissues will all be enhanced. For hypoxic and ischemic diseases, or a series of diseases caused by hypoxia and ischemia, or diseases that require repair and regeneration, hyperbaric oxygen therapy all has a significant effect on them.

Ⅲ. The healthcare hyperbaric oxygen chamber requires pressure-regulating auxiliary actions

In the process of using the healthcare hyperbaric oxygen chamber for treatment, if there are some temporary symptoms of discomfort, some physical discomforts can actually be eliminated through some pressure-regulating auxiliary actions. The pressure-regulating auxiliary actions are as follows:

1. Chewing method. In the process of adding and reducing pressure, keep chewing gum or eating fruits to open the eustachian tube.

2. Swallowing method. In the process of hyperbaric oxygen treatment of adding and reducing pressure, you should drink a small amount of water or swallow saliva continuously. If you drink water, it's better to pinch your nose and swallow the water slowly, allowing the eustachian tube to open.

3. Blowing method. In the process of adding and reducing pressure, after deep inhalation, pinch the nostrils and blow your nose hard to feel swelling or humming in your ears to make the eustachian tube open.

If you have an earache and other uncomfortable symptoms while using the healthcare hyperbaric chamber for sale, don't be nervous. You can effectively improve the discomfort through the above three kinds of pressure adjustment auxiliary actions. Therefore, be noted that do not add or reduce press too fast during hyperbaric oxygen therapy.

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